Aug 19 2015

There is a lot of numerics on the list today. I really do not have anything to add to what Shane said and Name Bio doesn’t record the pricing. So the recap will look a bit lite today. I feel like I am so much older than I am sometimes… It is 9:30pm my time right now and I am exhausted and bone weary. I use to leave the house to go to parties at this time! Things change though just like Shane said. For me things have changed a lot recently and my life and it is amazing. I will take tired all day long because I get to go to a job I love and help with the kids and the house when I get home. Plus someone has to keep coffee makers in business.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My Comments are in bold.


NetLinked.com 19 years old. I think its an OK name. Getting a few bids

NetLinked.com: $625. It’s not terrible but I don’t know what you would do with it. The more I think about it the less I like it.

CleanMyHouse.com I think this is a four figure name. At $200 at press time. I will be a bidder.

CleanMyHouse.com: $14,250. More like a five figure name. This may be end user pricing on this one.

TrickDoor.com No bidders. Solid brand for the low price. 14 years old

TrickDoor.com: Bin for $11. I will have some of these when I build the house I want.

PZZC.com If you can make an English acronym without the word Zebra for this one I’ll buy you a beer

PZZC.com: $510. I am just going to say you owe me a beer in a few months. You wont remember.

UMQ.com Over under $18K but I’m not sure if the seller agrees with me

UMQ.com: Doubt it. Doesn’t look like it hit reserve.


YAT.com I wish the price would hold so I could buy it but its a Domain Holdings so it will be a high reserve

YAT.com: Auction ended unsold $18,005. Nice 3L.

IWantTraffic.com Met reserve. Ends early this morning so go get it early if you’re interested. For the record, so do I

IWantTraffic.com: Sold by Buy It Now $1,995. I like traffic too.

RN7.com Could hit 4 figures but nowhere close yet

RN7.com: Great CCC. Fun to say.


WBCA.com My kind of LLLL.com. It’s not a Chinese favorite but I’m still pretty confident in its return potential

WBCA.com: $1,350. Well Bacon Cures Anything.

888639.com Triple 8s. That’s enough

888639.com: $329. I think this is below retail.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

BigResults.com 18 years old. Great marketing name for anything that can be sold based on results. Under $75 at press time

BigResults.com: Now this one I like because it is like its about me!

Bet2Win.com 18 years old. Supposedly gets 300 visits a month and has some backlinks. Gambling affiliate still pays as well as ever.

Bet2Win.com: This is what I do a the casinos.. doesn’t always end up that way. 

70810.com There is a ton of 5N.coms today. I usually don’t list all of them and I don’t have room for all of them but I’ll list some of my favorites.

70810.com: I like the eight in the middle. 

70380.com I like the 80 at the end

70380.com: I like that there is 70 then 80. solid name.

39560.com The round ending got this over $300

39560.com: Huh?

39565.com 5s are always popular at the end. Getting a good price because of it.

39565.com: Especially when it goes 565.

39525.com Very similar name. Might as well buy both

39525.com: I like this one a lot too.

70360.com Over $500 making it the second highest price of the dozens of 5N.coms today

70360.com: A lot like the second one on the list.

38571.com This has the highest price at press time and I’m not going to lie. I’m not sure why

38571.com: Because of the famous Submarine U 571. Just kidding, I have no idea.

70094.com This has a 4, why do you like it? Because it is at $24 at press time. Value is value

70094.com: I’d spend 24 bucks.

70815.com You don’t get many opportunities to buy three numerics in a row

70815.com: Its crazy!

70816.com Ditto

70816.com: Same!

70817.com Ditto… and this is my favorite of the group. I like 7s

70817.com: Same!!

78223.com I take back what I said. This one is the top price. Didn’t see it on the list. I can see why this one is doing so well. I’m lying again. Not sure what makes this one better than any of the above

78223.com: Hey look another numeric.

FoodExpert.com I would say I’m more of a eating expert than a food expert. Food is as hot as it gets right now. Right behind home repair

FoodExpert.com: Great foodie site. I need some new recipes or something.

AdultMassages.com Sounds like this is going to end happily. 73 bids

AdultMassages.com: That about sums it up Shane.

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