Aug 21 2015

I know people say that chivalry is dead (which I think is bs) but are basic manners dead too? It seems crazy to me but I see it all the time. I’m just talking about basic stuff here. Saying Thank you, asking how someones day is going or holding a door? I just think if something this simple can make someones day better than why the hell not? Just a pet peeve I thought I would share. I had a great day today. Worked for about 10 hours but I got to drop the kids off at school in the morning.


PorkSausage.com mmmmm. I love pork burgers. And that alone makes this worth $20. 16 years old. One bidder

PorkSausage.com: $495. I’d buy $20 worth of pork sausage.

RedPelican.com You know I love color+animals. Especially primary colors. People always try and sell me CyanSquirrel and names like that

RedPelican.com: $847. Is this anything like a Red Herring? See what I did there?

AngryPirate.com Nice brand. And a few bidders recognize it.

AngryPirate.com: $510. That’s stereotypical.

XUSK.com Can make it pronounceable if you want. Under $100 and 11 years old

XUSK.com: $205. I really like the look of this one.

BlueorPink.com I was going to skip listing this one because I wanted it but I have gotten outbid on so many things lately I figured I might as well list it here and try and make a commission on selling it. I am the bid right now. Nice gender reveal baby name

BlueorPink.com: $103. More baby names.

ZMRR.com Lovin the double R and so is everyone else. At $300 plus right now

ZMRR.com: $550. Totally pronounceable.

884777.com Surprised how well the triple 7 is overcoming the 4. Might hit $500

884777.com: $330. Jackpot!

SPWZ.com The Z used to kill now they thrill

SPWZ.com: $411. Looks like Spaz. I am saying it like “man you are a spaz” not a trendy way to spell Spas.

WKQX.com Terrible letters so a great price. Sounds like an AM radio station as well. “You’re listening to KQX, The King, and now Shirley with the weather”

WKQX.com: $481. There are no Shirleys on the radio here.

BigWaveWorldTour.com Buying it for the backlinks. And for the hot surfers

BigWaveWorldTour.com: $440. I love the surf ones.


Invitations.org No love for this one. Under $20

Invitations.org: Auction ended unsold then relisted I did not know there was that much money in invitations. And the CPC is huge.

DroneGear.com All decent drone names are worth $100 or more IMO. This one is at $60

DroneGear.com: Auction ended unsold at $180. I would guess they want quite a bit more than 100.


Unipress.com 1987 domain. Pretty old

Unipress.com: $8,605. I like it for that but nothing else.

HAAF.com Probably getting all the bids because of the little fishing area off the Shetland islands that share this name

HAAF.com: $1,700. I like fishing. Wish I had time for more.

Sportsinjury.com The best name on the board IMO

Sportsinjury.com: $5,999. Fantastic.

NSCS.com Great letters for all nations. An LLLL.com that unites

NSCS.com: $2,400. Almost like NCIS.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

3C.net Finally closing today. We’ll see what the appetite for a CC.net is today

3C.net: 3 Cheese.

Bebesitos.com Means little babies in Spanish. Great value here at $25 IMO

Bebesitos.com: I have one of those.

DLF.net I’m on the buy side of LLL.nets. Recently raised my guidance number

DLF.net: Domains Legal Forum.

TZ25.com I have been following this for a month now but the LLNN.com are starting to get $12 and $25 bids on Godaddy. The best letters and numbers of course. Worth watching. Because you don’t have to make thousands on every flip. You just have to make something

TZ25.com: TacoZilla25. You have to eat 25 tacos to be named a TZ25.

56850.com Could be the steal of the day. Had one bid while I typed this and 30 minutes later its up to $250. Man that was quick. Great numeric

56850.com: Awesome number.

CyberEnemy.com These are the foes of the future. No bidders. 19 years old

CyberEnemy.com: These are the foes of the present.

Receding.com You must be talking about my hair again

Receding.com: Yeah hair line is the only thing I can think of.

Thinning.com Now you’re just rubbing it in

Thinning.com: The herd.

LiveAppraisal.com I get this by texting “How much do you think this is worth?” to my friends. Unfortunately all the answers are completely different

LiveAppraisal.com: Did you lose my phone number? Because I would say “What the other guys said” or “I hate it, I’ll give you ten bucks”.

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  1. Daniel

    I was wondering why Unipress.com went for so much. The age explains it. 80th oldest domain registration of all time. The bragging rights alone are worth it for some.

    1. Aaron

      Haha not what I was talking about Shane. You and Aaron are two of the nicest guys in the industry. I’m happy to be a part of the blog!

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