Aug 23 2015

We all take ques from people. Body language, inflection, speech pattern and the list goes on and on. Most of the time you will have no idea that your body is taking note of all of these subtle pieces of information. If you can learn how to assess these in the right way it can help you sell. The best negotiators read people very well that is why they know where to apply pressure to get them to fold. I love negotiating there is nothing quite like it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


iToken.com One of the few I domains I really like. 17 years old

iToken.com: $1,725. I like this one a lot as well. Token like security token.

CICX.com At $100 at press time

CICX.com: $371. Sweet 4L

LadyGamers.com 12 years old. 1.3K backlinks. This one could do well but under $100 at press time

LadyGamers.com: $260. They are out there. Those of you who thought they were a myth.

SettlementAdvance.com This could be the steal of the day. There are companies that make a living giving people advances on their lawsuits and winnings.

SettlementAdvance.com: $2,325. The real winners are the companies that buy annuity plans and such.

CaliforniaHoney.com Lots of honey producers in California. Buy it and get on the horn and sell it to them. No bidders

CaliforniaHoney.com: $511 Can you explain “get on the horn” to the younger crowd?

DQWS.com I see Dairy Queen but I am in the mood for a Buster Bar. Over under $565

DQWS.com: $446. Cherry dipped cone.

KLQQ.com Chinese love the Qs

KLQQ.com: $421. Well here they are!

P555.com I will be real curious to see how this does. I like these types of name. Very memorable. Already over $100

P555.com: Repeating 5’s are almost always a hit.

MilitarySpouseHelp.com $12 CPC to help them. 9 years old. PR4. 11 bids at press time

MilitarySpouseHelp.com: $205. Good name. Buy the .org and sell it as a package.


GetDecorating.com Perhaps the worst business model ever. But being sold on the fact that you don’t have to spend more money on Adwords.

GetDecorating.com: Auction ended unsold $20,000. Guess i’m not sure how a business losing 4k a month gets up to 20k? Maybe I didn’t read enough.

Pineapple.net Obviously a great brand but the dot nets just don’t get any action and generally the sellers can’t accept how low the value has fallen

Pineapple.net: Auction has ended Reserve not met $180. Had a fresh one cut up at a roadside stand on the island of Kuai. Could be the best thing I have ever tasted.

Picd.com It’s going to be used for pic stuff. Just comes down to the reserve on whether you sell it to the people that will use it

Picd.com: Auction ended unsold $555. I would use this for a Fantasy Draft site. Get it, like picked?

Zupe.com 15 year old CVCV.com. Under $1000 at press time. But I haven’t seen a CVCV.com sell for under $1000 in a while

Zupe.com: Auction ended unsold for $1,650. I like this CVCV quite a bit. Wonder what the reserve was.


ThePettingZoo.com 19 years old. Going to be for animals or girls

ThePettingZoo.com: $310. This would be an adult site fo sho.

WCBA.com Great American LLLL.com. I will be a bidder

WCBA.com:$931 Womens College Basketball Association.

Cheese.xyz I am going to buy this

Cheese.xyz: $215. I an not going to buy it.

LoveSun.com Two short, well known words. That always has some value IMO

LoveSun.com: $691. Brandable.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

85686.com Great numbers and the price reflects it

85686.com: two 8’s two 6’s and a 5? whats not to love?

DNWF.com Getting Chinese action but I think it is just as good for English. And has the domain investing DN thing going for it

DNWF.com: Domain Name Warrior Federation. this could be the domain community’s Clan name in Clash of clans.

Loserville.com No bidders. Sounds like a Donald Trump name

Loserville.com: I have never lived here. But I’m awesome.

CZZK.com I won’t give you another chance at that beer. Either you got it the first time or you didn’t. Doing well here

CZZK.com: Good Chinese name.

OGHP.com P for productions

OGHP.com: Obviously Great Something Productions.

Digitus.com Great tech sounding name. One of those names a tech startup comes up with, thinks they’ve been original and creative, and can’t believe its already been registered for 10 years

Digitus.com: Fun name.

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