In the auction recap I have included Shane’s entire list for your reference. My comments are in bold. Please keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results.


WNVC.com 19 years old. Why Not Venture Capital?

WNVC.com: $216. Call Shark Tank and flip this thing.

EveryVoteCounts.com A heck of a lot better buy than squatting on some candidates name. 16 years old. One bidder

EveryVoteCounts.com: $1,003. This would be a great domain for a state to use to promote voting or give information. Love it.

KSEO.com Going to do very very well. Add a K, save a million

KSEO.com 19 bids for $541. I thought with 2 very’s it would do better. I think someone got a good price on this one. Could be that too many people are thinking 4L domains with no vowels that they missed this one.

PublicityKit.com No bidders. Easy build out. Put out a “kit” ebook to help people with marketing

PublicityKit.com: 20 bids for $154. He is right. Someone is going to build this out and sell it on Flippa in 6mo for 5k+.

WildCuba.com Go ahead and get the name ahead of the tourism craziness that will be coming soon. And someone will sell a package that shows the fun side of Cuba. Or maybe not. But no bidders so its cheap

WildCuba.com: 29 bids for $416. Good Price, Cuba is just going to get more and more popular and this site could sell anything.

EQMP.com Over under $393

EQMP.com: $115. Under. I win. Pretty sure we bet our third best domain on that. I will send you my GD account info and you can push it.

RRQQ.com I figured it would do pretty well because of the repeating letters. Could hit $2K

RRQQ.com: No result. I didn’t see this one at all. But I love it.

DUUP.com Like the look of it. I’ve always had a thing for LLLL.coms with double vowels in the middle. I also like long hair and pretty teeth.

DUUP.com: No result. Du Up! I got nothing.

90803.com There are four 5N.coms expiring that are close in number but not in price. This is the first one

90803.com: 35 bids for $1,127. Still a good name to hold onto.

90808.com This is the one that will cost you $15K

90808.com 63 bids for $15,000. Wow. exactly $15k. Does this mean you win your 3rd best domain back? Well played.

90807.com You can knock off $14K if you choose this one instead.

90807.com: 31 bids for $1,385. $13,615 but who is counting?

90815.com And finally the little brother. Not getting as much attention but could end up coming in second

90815.com: $1,216. Not second but close.

90813.com Almost missed this one. Not sure this one will hit $1K. But I am wrong more than I’m right with these

90813.com: 35 bids for $820. Still a strong name. If the others were not on the same day I wonder if it would have gone higher.

3367.net Already at $500. 5% of dot com puts you over $1000 IMO

3367.net: 26 bids for 997. They are just going to keep going up..

WVW.cc So nice that I’ve been able to put a .cc on the list every day for the past week. And all have sold for over $150

WVW.cc: Pretty sure it sold at $205. West Vermont Wrestling.

FuckFuckFuck.org The dirty version of duck duck goose

FuckFuckFuck.org: No result. hold the phone there Shane. This is obviously a build out for an authority site about stubbing your toe.

HCQO.com I recommend buying all these LLLL.com you can for under $1oo. But I’m not sure you can get any of them for that anymore

HCQO.com: No result. Holy Coyote Quick Ostrich. It is a saying from my homeland… Which is Mesa Arizona. It gets real here.


Cybersquatter.com Love this one. The irony is so deep with this one annnnnnd SOLD by BIN. The BIN was way too cheap

Cybersquatter.com: Sold for a BIN of $3,000. That was too cheap but I assume he made money on it so he can now invest in the next big one.

Freakish.com Its back up for auction. Not doing quite as well as the first time

Freakish.com: Domain ended unsold for $2,000. The following I have on Domain Shane is freakish. Someone told me If I ever needed a kidney to let them know. Okay, I made that up. 

TXXN.com I love it when they say “Free Push to Your Godaddy account” As if someone is going to charge me. What they are really saying is . ” I just bought this and can’t transfer it yet so I’ll have to push it” Still like the name

TXXN.com: Ended at $450 unsold and then there was a make offer period at around 750. It was just re listed tonight. I think that 750 price is too low.

NameJet- List from 05/22/2015

Cousins.com Perfect Southern dating site name

Cousins.com: 244 bids from 244 bidders for $10,001. I don’t think this met reserve. When I read “Perfect Southern dating site name” I LOLed

DailySoup.com Celeb blog name. Already a show now called the soup although it may be canceled. 19 years old

DailySoup.com: No result. I would actually got with a soup recipe site. Recipe sites have great cash flow. Probably.

Contributor.com Another great name. Lots of uses and 99 bidders

Contributor.com: Same bidder as the next 2, 159 bids from 145 bidders 12,000 Did not meet reserve. Great name.

FoodGuide.com Going to take a hell of a build out but last time I checked everyone is still eating food

FoodGuide.com: 361 bids from 353 bidders 16,000 Did not meet reserve. My grandpa is a food guide. He says to start with desert you you know you’ll have room.

AirfareDeals.com As good as any air deal name as I can think of

AirFareDeals.com: 130 bids from 117 bidders 21,000 Did not meet reserve.

WereHavingABaby.com A little long but works. Well it works for me but not anyone else. No bidders

WereHavingABaby.com: No result. I like long names with search volume and this one doesn’t. but it’s not bad for a forum or something. 

AKXL.com I say axle, while others say akxl.

AKXL.com 37 bids from 30 bidders $160. I really like this one. It has and X and it just looks like a sweet name. I was a bidder.

499.org You would think these would get going in price soon. 866.org sold for $1,500 last month at NameJet.

499.Org: 85 bids from 44 bidders $1208. Great .org name. I got 499 problems and this domain aint one.

I had one domain that wasn’t on the list but I though I would mention.

5.biz 29 bids for $10,251. Seriously? It’s not even an 8 and it’s a .biz. I don’t think I will ever buy a .biz but that is just me.

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