Aug 24 2015

Lot of work to do when I get to the office in the morning. Works for me though because I will get there before everyone one else shows up. I can make my east coast calls before everyone gets in. Depending on how long it takes me to get the post done and then clean up the kitchen so my wife doesnt have too I may actually get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight. But right as I am typing this the baby made a kind of grunting sigh sorta thing that kinda felt like foreshadowing. Like she is laughing about me writing that I may get some sleep. Silly dad sleep is for kids.

Also, Did you all see how many freaking domains are on the list today? Going to take longer than expected tonight. Because I put a lot of thought and effort into each comment. What? Did you think I just wrote down whatever pops into my head? Because if you did you are correct.


RTSB.com The kind of LLLL.com you want to own. 17 years old and appeals to almost every language.

RTSB.com: $560. SB for Soul Beatz. Obviously.

TheDiamondFactory.com An upgrade name for several companies. No bidders at $12

TheDiamondFactory.com: $220. Ferris Bueller says Cameron is.

JLPR.com 16 years old and at $600 at press time. Or close to $600 at press time

JLPR.com: $597. The older 4L names seem to be the ones you want.

ThePaperbag.com 14 years old. No bidders. You could do a lot worse for $12 when trying to buy a brand. This is an upgrade name for quite a few people

ThePaperbag.com: $224. Berkins would sell this name for 30k all day.

CheckName.com One bidder. Good name for a domain check tool. 14 years old

CheckName.com: $1,125. Come on easy business search name.

HomeSquare.com Highest price on the board by tenfold. At $11K at press time. 170 bids which is the most I’ve seen this year

HomeSquare.com: $81,000. What the hell is so popular about this!?

JEP.net Solid LLL.net Has a vowel so I see it in the $800 range. $450 left to move based on that prediction

JEP.net: $490. Could be a first name or nick name.

666123.com Certainly memorable. I have never bought a 6N.com but I am bidding on this one. 12 years old

666123.com: $1,825. IDK that 666 at the beginning can’t be a good sign/

IHUD.com Already a product name but just a nice LLLL.com for those not in the know. Getting some bids\

IHUD.com: $515. HUD is also a big real estate term.

FrogPuddle.com I know it doesn’t mean anything but two known words, no bids so only $12

FrogPuddle.com: Awesome brand. BIN for $11.

22801.com No fours, double 2s. Should be good enough for $500 plus

22801.com: $445. I like this one but not as much as the next one.

22802.com Get sequential numbers.

22802.com: $555. Come on this one is just fun to say!

22812.com This one is twice the price as the numbers above. It’s double because……..I’ll get back to you

22812.com: $752. Wish I knew too. But I wish I knew a lot of things.

22821.com Also double the price. I’m thinking because it doesn’t have zero. But I’m guessing

22821.com: $762. That sound right.

QQMN.com The double q LLLL.com seems to be a good investment

QQMN.com: $787 Quality and Quality Of Minnesota. We are so focused on quality we say it twice.

BikeForum.com Motorcycle or bicycle. Aka fat or skinny

BikeForum.com: I just bought a Bike name.

Sync.co This one as well. I’m smart enough to know that it’s not what I like but what others are buying and at least a few people want this

Sync.co: $1,100. Love the word but not the extension.

889.co Shows you that LLL.co don’t have a ton of value. But it may hit $100

889.co: $464. My best friends phone number growing up started with this.. or 898.. one of the 2.

929.co Another one here in the $50 range

929.co: $510. I could buy other things with that $50 bucks.

BGJ.cc The price shows that dot cc is more valuable than dot co

BGJ.cc: $260. Huh.

Runners.co Even I don’t want this and it’s super cheap

Runners.co: $105. If it was singular I would like it a lot better.


2P.net CC.nets are hard to come by. Not sure if Intelend will let you have this one

2P.net: Sold by Auction $3,000 USD. He did let someone have it. Not a bad price imo.


LocalMarketing.com 17 years old. Marketing starts local

LocalMarketing.com: $20,351. Awesome name. I like it a lot.

930999.com I think this could actually cross $1K. crazy

930999.com: $708. Lots of 9’s.


No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Suzy.co I don’t do dot co because I think its too confusing vs dot com. But its getting lots of bids

Suzy.co: $155. I don’t do .co either. No real reason though.

XUG.com Less bids than above but pretty sure it will sell for more

XUG.com: It has an X and a U. But those are popular right now and it has the fact that it is a 3L.

CurlyHair.com Ends today. Somebody really likes this one

CurlyHair.com: Could be a cool brand.

STHN.com All good letters. Worldwide

STHN.com: This one is pronounced Stan.

RecentListings.com Obvious use is real estate but could be used for domains

RecentListings.com: Agreed. Perfect for either.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

CurlyHair.com $241,000

XUG.com $63,000

LocalMarketing.com $57,000

Ihud.com $10,000

Sync.com $10,000

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