Aug 26 2015

There are some domains that just seem to trigger all the spam. I purchased a domain on NameJet a week or two ago and I have already had a few calls from Yodel, numerous emails from “web development consultants” and tons of adwords emails and calls. Maybe that means it is a good name, or it has the right keyword.


DrDirectory.com 19 years old. A couple clicks will pay for the domain at the current price of $12

DrDirectory.com: $326. Pretty young to be a doctor.

AcroMedia.com Buy Domain Gang’s name from them

AcroMedia.com: $909. They should pick that up. Good name.

EHTO.org Getting a ton of action because of the PR5 and the backlinks.

EHTO.org: $860. I like 4L .orgs

FunGuys.com Not going to make bank on this one but 17 years old and only one bidder at $12

FunGuys.com: $393. THis use to be me and my friends. then we all got married and had kids. I don’t remember some of their names.

Sepio.com Great sounding 5L.com I would think this is worth 4-500 at auction. We’ll see

Sepio.com: $1,575. Reminds me of the word septic.

FitList.com One of those names I was hoping people wouldn’t notice. Wrong. At the top of the bid list

FitList.com: $1,525. I love this name.

BBAB.com Love this one. Three Bs but still works as an acronym. Under $500 but won’t be long

BBAB.com: $493. Awesome 4L.

JTGZ.com Not so great an acronym…….in English. But its the Chinese acronyms that’s driving this one. To give something Aaron to talk about tomorrow I’ll say it ends up at $685

JTGZ.com: $482. I guessed $480. There is a new guess that price champ!

Frogmen.com Aka Navy Seals. The toughest SOBs in the world

Frogmen.com: $810. Yes sir a combat divers are considered Frogmen. The Seals are some of the toughest. There are others.

MRUB.com Stands for Man Rub…..I just made that up but sounds a little dirty now that I said it. Still will hit $200 which is about 4 times the cost of a man rub.

MRUB.com: $305. Mr. Urban Badass

LJSP.com Don’t pretend to know the value. Guess the final price, come to the recap and see if you are within $150. Bet you aren’t

LJSP.com: $420. I guessed a little high.

CrowdAuction.com Because an auction with 1 person isn’t as fun. One bidder at $10

CrowdAuction.com: $275. The crowd at the NamesCon auction was fun.


NYRestaurants.com NewYorkRestaurants.com sold for $30,000 which is a pretty good comparable. Could sell through BIN based on that

NYRestaurants.com: Auction ended unsold $1,400. This name should be sold to the owner of NewYorkRestaurants.com.

Sportster.com Quite a few companies have a product named this. Could be a plain old sports name

Sportster.com: Auction ended unsold $5,550. Also a popular model of Harley.

CreditScoreBuilder.com Under $50 and I think its worth a lot more than that. I have a good credit score so I know about these things

CreditScoreBuilder.com: Sold by Auction $305. Good name and a good buy imo.

Morsels.com Sounds like a new app that takes bits of data and does something with it. But maybe that’s a bit specific. Like the domain name regardless of use

Morsels.com: Auction ended unsold $2,101. Makes me think of a mouse.

eLessons.com Seems all the names I like today are from Intelend. But I don’t see who the seller is when I go through my lists. Pure chance

eLessons.com: Auction ended unsold $700. Great name.


ASBH.com Awesome letters. 20 years old

ASBH.com: $440. Agreed.

CarpetInstallers.com Good name if that’s what you do

CarpetInstallers.com: $376 It is pretty crazy how fast they do this. But when you do it every day you get good at it.

ERNO.com Good, short, pronounceable brand. The only problem I see is too many bidders

ERNO.com: $1,500. Good name, I like the O at the end.

RXR.com Awesome LLL.com. Certainly easy to remember

RXR.com: $37,400. Love this LLL. Awesome.

Coach.xyz Worth watching

Coach.xyz: $365. Not a fan of this one.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

PurpleMarijuana.com Remember you’re bidding against people that are probably high. Be careful

PurpleMarijuana.com: If there is such a thing then alright. If there is not could still be a fun brand.

VehicleHaulers.com Every vehicle hauler in the world should want to own this. And a few domainers hoping to sell it to them

VehicleHaulers.com: Awesome name, because it says what they do. If you didn’t know that’s why.

MenopauseTreatments.com Every women hopes to have this. They don’t look forward to it but they have to hit middle age to get it (in most cases) . But they all look for ways to make it easier. Big buildout name

MenopauseTreatments.com: Could be a big traffic site.

Neuter.com Reek

Neuter.com: Yeah, wouldn’t want to own this one.

BusinessCloudStorage.com $51 CPC is a nice payday. At $150 so only 3 clicks pays for it. Unless you have it parked and then you’ll 8 cents a click.

BusinessCloudStorage.com: Lot of big players in this space.

SuperYum.com Great Asian name. They love the word super and yum. One bidder

SuperYum.com: Me too! I love food especially when its yum.

NNDZ.com A consonant LLLL.com that ends in Q or Z seem to all cross $400

NNDZ.com: This one didn’t report. But I would guess it did.

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