Aug 27 2015

I am not sure all of you readers out there filled out your ballots for the conference coming up. Under best blog I voted for shane because his blog makes me laugh and because I write for it. I would encourage all of you to vote, There are so many good blogs and people out there who are should be given recognition. Go here and you can find the form to fill out and instructions on what do do with it.


GameMedia.com 17 years old. Good for games or media but I guess that’s pretty obvious


GameMedia.com: $7.600.  I like this as a brand for pickles. Watch out Vlasic!

MZJC.com Two bad Scrabble letters so therefore it should do well…..and is

MZJC.com: $767. Has a nice ring to it.

HBRM.com Great acronym letters. Best one this week IMO

HBRM.com: $688 Solid 4L, best of the week might be right.

AALD.com The Chinese don’t like it but plenty of others will

AALD.com: $513. Love the double A.

GardenWorkshops.com I know all about these. I give them all the time. I guess you could do them online as well

GardenWorkshops.com: $507. Shane spent $507 on this. Just kidding I have no idea if he picked this up or not.

KZF.cc At $200 at press time

KZF.cc: $225. Oh look a .cc. I do not have an acronym for this.

EMMD.com Good acronym but also a good name for a doctor

EMMD.com: $306. A doctor named Emily and goes by Em.


DumbAssDaily.com For the price you’re getting pretty decent numbers. Just have to port over

DumbAssDaily.com: Sold by Auction $1,250. Everyone reads sites like this when they are bored.

GlowVest.com Last call. For the product that hundreds of thousands of people wear every day. At $30

GlowVest.com: Auction ended unsold $110. But is that what they are called?

SimpleOrganizedLife.com From a quick glance this looks like a site someone could really monetize

SimpleOrganizedLife.com: Sold by Buy It Now $4,999. This is not my life.

DiningRoom.furniture The seller is probably ecstatic at the price

DiningRoom.furniture: Sold by Auction $251. Can be very expensive. We have a massive table, got it on a store closing sale but it was still spendy.


LX.org Two letter dot anything is worth having a bid in for

LX.org: $8,500. Luxury is what I see.

CodeBuddy.com 18 years old. Who doesn’t want to meet a coding buddy?

CodeBuddy.com: $460. A buddy that knows code is always good to have around.

KRKZ.com This would kill it on Godaddy. Only 15 bidders here

KRKZ.com: $500. For sure. Buy here sell there.

RugWorld.com Hair or carpets. 18 years old

RugWorld.com: $2,002. Why not both Shane? This is the wild land of the internet. That Rug looks great on your head, can i interest you in one for you feet??

BeautyIndustry.com Almost too generic but it IS a multi billion dollar industry. 18 years old with a few bids

BeautyIndustry.com: $268. Billion with a B.

KBBB.com Nice looking collectible LLLL.com Will be good to get some new comps on triple letter LLLL.com

KBBB.com: $3,100. Sell this to KBB.com as a mis type.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

MGNA.com Nice English speaking LLLL.com. Will do well in the future with this type IMO

MGNA.com: Ends with an A so it is okay in my book.

Burials.com No bigger business than the funeral business. That’s not true but it exaggerating makes the name appear stronger

Burials.com: Been up a few times before.

MGNP.com More good English letters. I think buying these under $500 is a good price.

MGNP.com: In the 500 range seems right.

YITY.com Fake CVCV but I still like it

YITY.com: Mix between a kitty and a yeti.


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