Aug 30 2015

I took the kids over to my parents house yesterday afternoon to go swimming. I didn’t think about the fact that there were a few storms over the last few days and that the pool would be dirty. It was a mess, we were not going to be swimming today. As if to confirm this the clouds started rolling in. 15% chance of rain they said. It pored rain for hours, so I took my kids out running around in the rain before the lightning started up. Ended up staying really late waiting for the storm to end because drivers here act like complete idiots. I decided to do the post this morning instead of trying to do it last night after getting home. So here it is.


OverTheWeb.com How the world works now. 18 years old. One bidder at $12

OverTheWeb.com: $187. Completely. Not sure what I would use this domain for though.

SeattleWash.com I admit I was thinking car washes in Seattle and then Google reminded me of that Washington state thing. 17 years old

SeattleWash.com: $181. I was thinking of car washes too.

SuperBaby.com Getting a ton of bids and a good price. People love their pets and their babies

SuperBaby.com: $4,750. Great baby brand.

BurnSafe.com You may have one and not know it. Its a safe that is fire proof. Under $50 and 106 million results on Google

BurnSafe.com: $255. Solid product name.

Find.info One of the better dot info in the last few months. Pretty broad build out though

Find.info: 2008 for 7k 2013 for 8100 and now for $5,699. Great .info name. it would be a missive build out but a lot you could do with it too.

WXZR.com Shitty scrabble letters so of course 4 figures

WXZR.com: $1,500. Its got an x factor X though! Of course it is 4 figures.

3171.cc As I mentioned yesterday. Keep watching quality NNNN.cc names. They keep inching up

3171.cc: $231. Good numeric, I like the next one better.

7131.cc One more to watch

7131.cc: $231. I like this one more because it starts with a 7.

MDG.cc While I have you, might as well take a look at the price on these non vowel, non v LLL.cc

MDG.cc: $315. Love the letters.

Bogeyman.com Some see a scary man that comes out at night. I see a guy that shoots one over on every hole

Bogeyman.com: $1,375. Are you talking crap about my golf game? Is it considered talking crap if its true?


Wages.com Great name. All depends on the reserve but name sure is nice

Wages.com: Auction ended unsold $10,009. Nice name, and really being talked about right now especially the disparity stuff.

DronesToday.com The big kicker here is the site has been approved by a large drone manufacturer as an affiliate

DronesToday.com: Auction ended unsold $100 Sounds legitimate. which is half the battle.

FlatTire.com I bid on this a while. I really liked it but couldn’t agree on price from seller. Maybe he’ll get his bid this time

FlatTire.com: Auction ended unsold $551. Doesn’t look like it. hopefully this doesn’t turn into a bowl.net.

Drone.parts If you believe in .parts then you certainly have to like this one. A few bids

Drone.parts: Auction ended unsold then relisted. I do not believe in them. I have been wrong before though.

Averted.com Over four figures. Put some pretty high comps so reserve might be as well

Averted.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Great name, could be a brand.

Twenth.com Interesting website that lets users use more than the 140 characters on twitter. Lots of these sites out there but this one seems to be growing

Twenth.com: Sold by Buy It Now $2,900. I don’t tweet enough to get this I guess.


RXR.com My favorite LLL.com in a long time. Can I borrow a few dozen thousand dollars?

RXR.com: $37,400. Me first, love this LLL.

LuckyValley.com Who wouldn’t want to visit lucky valley. A lot less touching than Happy Valley

LuckyValley.com: $205. I would say there is going to be more touching if you are getting Lucky in the valley…

UpVotes.com Great Reddit name

UpVotes.com: $470. Not sure I see any other uses though.

WeBroker.com Pretty much tells them what you’all do

WeBroker.com: $2,200 Terrific brandable.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

NoMoreExcuses.com I am a bidder (or will be) Great mantra or slogan for many different types of businesses

NoMoreExcuses.com: I like this one quite a bit, great work out call to action.

ImproveYourMarriage.com Pay me $5 and I’ll send you a text that says “Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty” It’ll work. No bidders

ImproveYourMarriage.com: Is that $5 per text or how does that work? Great name for a Therapist too.

GLawyer.com Better than G.lawyer and a whole lot cheaper

GLawyer.com: Agreed.

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  1. Paolo

    LuckyValley.com was sold for 598$ not 200$, would be too nice.
    always congrats for the hard work with the blog 🙂

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