Sep 01 2015

Another desert thunderstorm rolled in tonight. Huge micro burst hit about 2 miles down the street from us last night and it took out a few telephone poles, a street light and a few hundred feet of brick wall. We may not have a big storm cells often but when they do come in they are pretty incredible. Hopefully you actually get to read this and the power doesn’t go out before I get done and post it. Which it obviously didn’t because I finished it and posted it.


RightRates.com 17 years old. Under $50 and I would imagine a good lead name for mortgage or loans. Especially for the price. Has 290 backlinks and a little traffic

RightRates.com: $156. I was thinking insurance. Same stuff.

SlapDown.com Not huge value but probably more than the $20 bid. 16 year old

SlapDown.com: My wife tries to do this to my ego daily. Doesn’t work.

DiscMan.com Will forever be associated with Sony Discman. Not sure what all the bidders want to do with it

DiscMan.com: $760. Retro DJ name?

SunPatch.com 16 years old. No bidders. Nice brand for the price.

SunPatch.com: $371. cool brand, I think kids clothes or something

LimeWire.org Several bidders. Actually quite a few lime wire users still out there. Works fine as long as you didn’t try and upgrade. Haven’t used it in years but almost everyone did “back in the day”

LimeWire.org: $255. I have a ton of songs still from one of these.. wasn’t limewire, thought it had a k in it.

XGRA.com I love the look of the name. 14 years old and 4,000 backlinks. Under $150 at press time

XGRA.com: $280. Viagra 2.0.

GrowStuff.com Right up my alley. But I think its up quite a few people’s alley. One bid at $20 at press time

GrowStuff.com: $798. Awesome name. I would guess people see it as a Marijuana name because that is a hot subject. but this domain could be used long after that wears off.

BestShapeofYourLife.com 10 bidders because everyone wants to talk about being in shape

BestShapeofYourLife.com: $160 When I went to OCS I was in the best shape of my life.

TattooBabes.com At the rate girls are getting tattoos all girls will be tattoo girls. One bidder

TattooBabes.com: $115. Easy magazine name.

ZOCM.com Doing better than I thought it would because of the O. The vowels aren’t holding the price quite as much as before

ZOCM.com: $235. Pronounceable. Sorta…Kinda.

TheBlowout.com No bidders. $12 Seems like a good gambling pick or sports website

TheBlowout.com: $255. Could have a few uses. not bad.

97611.com The double 1 is bring the action. Should hit four figures despite the 2013 pick up

97611.com: $918. What he said.

Shapia.com Nice sound for a brand. A few places using the name

Shapia.com: $204. Not bad. I kinda like it.

988955.com One bidder at $12. I don’t know everything about 6N.com but pretty sure its worth more than $20

988955.com: $300. Double 8’s. Nice name.

YTWN.com Fits the mold of the $600 plus LLLL.com domain. We’ll see

YTWN.com: $530. Looks like Y Town.

JoyEngine.com I saw this and skipped over it a few times but it’s kind of grown on me. Fun name IMO. Getting a few bids

JoyEngine.com: $221. Feels like a holiday name for me.


1.im The shortest domain on earth

1.im: Sold by Auction $6,001. Someone liked it!


Startups.me Dot me has fallen off the radar a little bit. But startups haven’t. The left or the right is going to win. Reserve met

Startups.me: $575. Great supply site or info site for statups.


BOPS.com 18 years old. Better Off Paying Somebody. Instead of trying to do it yourself. Just the first thing that came to mind

BOPS.com: $3300 I like that acronym. Sometimes paying someone so you can spend your time doing something else or with your family is worth not saving the money.

LimeGreen.com We talked it up on Sherpa the other day. Probably cost the new buyer a few thousand

LimeGreen.com: $6100. I love this name.

KWDC.com The kind of names that are doing real well right now

KWDC.com: $910. No vowels, DC could be District of Columbia.

SBX.com In case you forgot to get into it before. Closing today. I’ll say 48,500. Anyone want to guess a price. How about just guess over or under

SBX.com: $32,599. Under. But I would have said more.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

TurnOffPain.com I’ve said this a million times. Pain is something people will pay anything to get rid of. Great marketing name to help. 12 years old. No bidders

TurnOffPain.com: Could be a decent marketing name. Light switch should be the logo.

Ellen.cc No bidders. It’s a dot cc but quite a few people named Ellen and would make a nice email

Ellen.cc: I will watch the Ellen show. That lady is funny.

TimberWave.com 10 years old. Nice brand name for $12. No bidders

TimberWave.com: If this isn’t the name of timberlands next tour it should be.

MooseEgg.com You certainly are going to remember this one. 14 years old

MooseEgg.com: Haha this is a cool name.

JMTP.com Same here.

JMTP.com: Like the man said.

TresPlayas.com The follow up drink to Tres Commas

TresPlayas.com: I love Commas.

LoseTheBox.com It’s one of my sayings. Screw thinking outside the box. Lose the box and start fresh. Nice marketing name

LoseTheBox.com: Could be a cool marketing name.

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