Sep 04 2015

Bought a ping pong paddle today. It makes a difference people! It is crazy the things you learn once you start getting into something. Did you know you can build your own paddle? The blade or the middle part that is usually wood can have a huge variety of prices. I saw one that was over $300 just for the wood blade. For $300 bucks it better be special. For that price I expect it to have taken a year to meticulously hand carve, the tree it came from should have been struck by lightning at least twice and it was watered by the blood of kings. I bought a pre made one and I paid about 30 bucks for it. I am probably going to go pro and leave my day job to do that full time or I will see if I can join Dude Perfect on You Tube. What an awesome gig they have.


BibleSchool.com A lot of money to be made in God. And it’s all tax free. This one is doing very well

BibleSchool.com: $9277 Nice domain name. really nice.

ObstacleCourse.com I remember when I was a kid I used to set these up for fun. Now they call them tough mudder or Ninja Warrior

ObstacleCourse.com: $1950. The O course is what we called it. Love these.

2QT.com 12 years old. 21 free visits with the purchase. Unofficial Average price on Namebio is $750

2QT.com: $421. I’ll go to QT whenever.

90278.com Can’t believe that a 5N.com is now the “short” numeric on the list

90278.com: $835 Sounds like a zip code. And it is for Redondo Beach no less.

555123.com If you’re looking for memorable numbers then you’ve found one. Surprised how high the price is

555123.com: $2,039. Damn.

VapeNews.com A whole news site on Vaping. Sounds exciting

VapeNews.com $1025. I feel like this one would be a quick flip listing it on flippa.


Youve.com I’m waiting to hear what I’ve done. You’ve…………

Youve.com: Auction ended unsold $205 Stayed up too late again.

HomePricer.com 15 years old. Under $200

HomePricer.com: Auction ended unsold $190. Stayed under 200.


NQSC.com Met reserve and closes at 10 am

NQSC.com: $660 SC for South Carolina

ZDSN.com Also at $500 and met reserve

ZDSN.com: $660. SN for Serial Number

ZPPZ.com My favorite on the list. Although you have to play the corners of the keyboard to type it

ZPPZ.com: Awesome looking LLLL.



UFFA.com Great English acronym domain. 14 years old. A for association

UFFA.com: $2500. I was thinking A for Aardvark.

EarthTech.com Already has a great bid. Somebody certainly wants this name

EarthTech.com: $15300. Moon tech is the future.

ISawThis.com As good of a name as Reddit and that’s the type of site I see it being used for

ISawThis.com: $311 I know I saw it because I was there when I did.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

GPES.com I like this one a lot more than the domain above yet its half the price. Tells me I need to adjust what I like

GPES.com: Golf Platinum Education Series.

DontBeAWimp.com The family friendly version of HTFU (Harden the F Up) No bidders, $12

DontBeAWimp.com: Too late for me, my Idea of a contact sport is ping pong… see intro.

Zexim.com I’ve always said, buy every 5N.com that is CVCVC that is $12 and you will not lose money. This has no bidders, at $12

Zexim.com: Easy brand.

SuperJet.com When I go through the list I don’t know how many bids are on a name until I go check. But I now this one would have a lot. 17 years old

SuperJet.com: Cool name and brand.

TomatoBox.com People buy or build these all the time for their patio tomatoes

TomatoBox.com: Did you buy this Shane?

F18.com Fantastic CCC.com. Whoever gets this Pending Delete is going to do well

F18.com: Wow. What a sweet domain.

MHGH.com Chinese seem to like this type of pattern

MHGH.com: Repeating H. Like you couldn’t see that for yourselves.

GoodLuck.xyz Who doesn’t want good luck? Only 3 bidders

GoodLuck.xyz: I think I would like this better in a .media or something.

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