May 28 2015

In the auction recap I have included Shane’s entire list for your reference. My comments are in bold. Please keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results.


Talco.com A lot of business and things already have this name. And a lot of people REALLY want this domain. 18 years old

Talco.com: $3,050. Great name. Estibot puts this one at $40k, it gets 22,625 exacts a month.

LiveWild.com LYVE or LIV. Either way I love it. But I like to Liv wild. Once I stayed up until 10 pm

LiveWild.com: $761. Great brand. This reminds me of the My Side of the Mountain books I read as a kid. He also lest me write this post. Now thats wild.

EUS.net Has one bid at $450. Or at least did when I wrote this

EUS.net: No result. 3 letters are a plus.

RGPP.com Opening bid of $375 hasn’t been hit. I think its worth that or more

RGPP.com: Ended without meeting reserve. I like the repeated letter at the end.

TrekEverest.com No bidders. Surprised an expedition company hasn’t swiped this one. $12 is 1/5 of the cost of an air canister.

TrekEverest.com: $170. Great name, Great price. Even to use as a motivational site. What is your Everest?

GreaterYou.com Self help names have done extremely well this year. This one is doing pretty well itself

GreaterYou.com: $1,301. Greater than me? No such thing exsists. Good thing I am the only one that reads this.

BigOtter.com No bidders Great brand for $12. Bound to be something named this …or at least it should be

BigOtter.com: No result. I like domains with animals in them. Shane would have been a bidder if it was GreenOtter.com

CleanYourOffice.com Not much value but I get the hint. And now that I think of it, a great name for an office cleaning company. No bidders

CleanYourOffice.com: No result. Did my wife put you up to this? If I clean how would I find anything?..

WJFX.com All the “bad” letters together. So therefore it’s worth a lot

WJFX.com: No result. I like that it ends in FX. Popular TV station makes it sound good.

VMSE.com E, ooooohhhh a vowel. Nobody likes vowels any more. But I buy what others don’t like. I go left when everyone is going right.

VMSE.com: $203. What if there is a cliff to the right?

70378.com 8s no fours and the price will soar

70378.com: No result. What should I say about this one. Numerics are HUGE. Just buy one so you can say you did.

AgedDomains.com I figured you would like this one

AgedDomains.com: $1,946. I cannot believe how high this domain went.

XKKV.com Double K used to be rough. Now its good

XKKV.com: $315. River rocks use to be rough too. Changes made in the ebb and flow of the market… That was kinda deep.


Refinancing.info The kind of .info you want to own. A term that pays well and that lots of people are searching for

Refinancing.info: Ended unsold at $905. I have a little bit of a soft spot for .info domains if they are good and this one is that.

LK5.com I love seeing the price this one has reached

LK5.com: Ended Unsold at $5,050. And it looks like the seller was banned.

Rosey.com Great name but from Brannans and all Brannans names are great but have high reserves

Rosey.com: Ended without a winner at 1800. Nice domain, wonder what the reserve is.

NameCake.com Was a website and now name is for sale. Nobody wants it

NameCake.com: Ended unsold at $200. Not a fan of the name. But who knows.

ColorTV.com Last call. Would make a great brand for anything media related

ColorTV.com: Auction ended unsold at $700. This one is great, but it is going to take an end user to buy it.

FashionablyLate.com Nobody seems to like this one as much as I do.

FashionablyLate.com: Sold at $1,050. I like this one quite a bit. Maybe a little lengthy but its a good brand.

ClosedCaptioned.com Every TV show in the world has to be. Good money doing it. $6.85 CPC as a bonus

ClosedCaptioned.com: Auction ended unsold at $755. I’m not feeling this one. Looks like it only brought in 3 bids.

Cleanser.com A ton of uses for this one. I am a bidder

Cleanser.com: Auction ended unsold at $7,500. Great name. Estibot puts it at $88k with an exact match of $6,750 with almost a $3 cpc.

TOAT.com Failed radio test but getting lots of love regardless

TOAT.com: Sold by BIN for $3,500. Short, I like this for a build out. Sell toats, or any type of bags. Billion dollar industry.

NameJet- List from 05/22/2015

Cosmetics.net Only 62 bidders. Dot net is keeping them away but name is strong enough to overcome the dot net. Price already has

Cosmetics.net: No result. Great domain even though its a .net. HUGE industry. These sales will never stop.

Property.net Already at $10K. Dot net not a problem here

Property.net: No result. This one sold at traffic for $22,500 in 08.

Pilot.org A lot of private pilots in this world and they want to talk to other pilots. Give them their wings

Pilot.org: $2,190. I like this one. Good forum domain or site if you build it out.

OOOA.com A lot of Os for the money

OOOA.com: $3,055. One k per O and 55 bucks for the A.

UAFO.com United Air Freight Organization, U Are Far Out, Unidentified Animal Flying Object

UAFO.com: $410. I like this one. I like this 4 letter.

9NN.com Repeating letters in CCC.com’s bring good money. 5TT.com sold for $3,500, 5NN.com sold for $2,200, and 9ZZ.com for $2,100 last year

9NN.com: $4,520. This one went for all of the comps.

EXX.com $25K plus ……here we come

EXX.com: $30,000. Boom what a sale. Great domain name, can’t wait to see what this sells for to an end user.

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    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hi Mark, Thank you for the comment. I wish I could get every domain result but a lot of times I don’ t see the auction end because I am working or something. For those ones I try to stay up late to see if NameBio has the price updated so I can report it for everyone. In the end I get the ones I can and move on as there will always be other domains to recap. If you know the prices of any that I missed I would be happy to update the post if you let me know.

      1. Mark

        Aaron, Your style is wrong, not content. Just put those with “no result” at the end of your post.

      2. Post author
        Aaron Johnson

        Hmmm. So you think change the structure of the post and maybe do 2 sections? One for those I got the pricing on and one where I didn’t. Something like this?
        Section 1: Prices
        Section 2: No Prices

      1. Mark

        Shane, do a favor to yourself. Start seeing things positively, including critism. There will be more joy for you 🙂

  1. Dan

    Without being as rude as the guy above, he does have a point. It is not a very smooth “read” when there are sentences that have No Result. I have a feeling nobody wants to see that. Myself, I would rather just read continuous sentences with all sales results.

    On the positive, I enjoy your comments and writing style.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hey Dan, I don’t want to leave any of the names off the list if I can help it but I see what you are saying. Believe me I hate when I don’t have the result because I love to know what everything is going for just like everyone else. I appreciate the feedback and I will see what I can do to make it a smoother read. I do try and keep it light and maybe give everyone a laugh or two so I am glad you like the comments. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Ken O'Brien


    Keep up the good work… If someone really wants to know what the sale price was for a domain posted in Shane’s daily they should help all of us and find it. If everyone pitches in on this we will have a complete list. Make sense???


    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hey Ken, Makes sense. I will update the lists if sales prices are posted or if I find them later. Never hurts to have another place to look for comps. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Oren

    I love this list. I wish godaddy just made it easier to see the final result.

    By the way. I believe the seller of EXX.com was enom/rightside via their domain warehouse AcquireThisName

  4. Post author
    Aaron Johnson

    I really appreciate all of the comments. I would like to just point out that criticism is great when given constructively and maybe with a suggestion on how to improve or do things in a different way. A comment like the first one I would not classify as constructive. I did however like the follow up comment about the structure being off and I will be looking into that.

    1. Mark

      Sometimes it is necessary first to name the problem, so suggestions and the solution come later. At the end it is constructive, since it led to improvement.

  5. DC

    Keep going Aaron its good stuff but yes it would flow better with the no results grouped or left out. I’ll take it as is though rather than not have it 🙂

  6. Wayne

    I love this addition to the site. I read daily and often check to see what the listed domains went for (if I’m not already a bidder).
    For me, it’s a formatting issue.. the order of the names on the list isn’t all that important (meaning – who cares if it follows Shane’s order directly as long as the names are there), so it would be more organized if you did break them down into sold vs. “no result”.

    Also RGPP didn’t hit reserve, I was a bidder.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Thanks Wayne, I have updated the post for that one. That raises an in interesting point though. If the auction ends without hitting reserve What list should that be on? Lets say example.com ends on NameJet with 30 bids for $1,560 but didn’t meet reserve. Because the bids and the amount was there would it still flow right to keep it in the list of sold domains?

  7. Wayne

    I say keep those domains in the list of “sold” – for the reasons you stated and that a name is only worth what the market will pay.. just note that it didn’t hit reserve.
    The value you’re giving here is opinions on the listed names & market, and what the market has to say about those names.

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