Sep 05 2015

Today was a heck of a lot better than I thought it was going to be. For those of you in the states you know that Monday is a holiday and so a lot of people didn’t go in today or left early. Being in a sales role days like today usually end up slow. I ended up getting a couple deals done and it was a productive day. I have some work to do this weekend, some side business stuff and a lot of the regular job. I will get some R and R time though, If it doesn’t storm all weekend I will head out to the pool. Oops, forgot to hit the publish button last night.


GamesGuide.com Billions of dollars in games. Heck there’s billions of dollars in watching others play games. 20 years old and lots of bidders

GamesGuide.com: $1375. Game domains are huge.

TYHA.com 17 years old fake CVCV

TYHA.com: $520 I prefer them to be real, but some of the fake ones catch my eye.

SKI.info Great fit for a dot info. All skiers love snow and conditions

SKI.info: $1825. Awesome use of a .info

HJNT.com Another one over $500

HJNT.com: $716 Looks like the word hint to me.

KJB.cc Over $200 and worth watching or buying IMO

KJB.cc: $237. These have been trending well for a while.

VFNO.com I skipped over this 3 times and by the last scan of the GD list I had grown to love it. I’m a bidder

VFNO.com: $195 And 4L has value imo.

2662888.com There are a dozen of these 7N.coms with 888 at the end. To many numbers for me but they are all getting bids

2662888.com: $105. 6 was too many for me. I cut it off at 5.


Pizzaria.com And 8 other domains. Pizzaria alone is worth the current price

Pizzaria.com: Auction ended unsold $4,050. Mmmm Pizza. Now I wish I had some cold pizza for breakfast.

Baseball.info What’s there to say. It’s frickin baseball

Baseball.info: Auction ended unsold $301. Murica!

BackupService.com $25 CPC. Everyone with a computer needs to backup at some time

BackupService.com: Auction ended unsold $1,100. Great service name.


GJ.com Not much to say. An LL.com. At least watch

GJ.com: $694,095. If you can afford it you should buy it, If you have made enough money selling domains to buy this then you know that already.

DailyDollar.com Saving money. What billions use the Internet for…saving money

DailyDollar.com: $3,433. This would be a cool and for a money saving blog.

9020.net LLLL.nets have pretty much stopped coming up for sale lately. Still very liquid though

9020.net: $602. I like the numbers too.

NGTD.com 51 bids on this very nice LLLL.com I am a bidder

NGTD.com: $1309. No Good Touch Down

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

SureBook.com Great brand with no bidders. $12

SureBook.com: Whoever wrote this was positive about something.

SWDGA.org Didn’t take the time to see why the price was so high. Just got in line like everyone else. I’m a sucker for lots of bids

SWDGA.org: South West Dog Groomer Awards.

YBRB.com Over $500 at press time. Young Beautiful …..I better stop

YBRB.com: You’ll Be Right Back

TittiesAndPancakes.com Sorry to all the ladies that are offended by this one but boys. You have to admit that sounds like a hell of a breakfast. Yes there are bidders

TittiesAndPancakes.com: This sounds like a Vegas thing.

DMAS.com Ends in a few days but great English acronym letters

DMAS.com: Stands for Dumb Ass.

InstantHair.com I wish

InstantHair.com: isn’t this the stuff that comes in the spray paint can?

LHTA.com A for association. Great acronym

LHTA.com: Learn How To Academy.

MSHB.com 20 year old LLLL.com. Don’t see those very often. No vowels or V

MSHB.com: Great 4L.

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