Sep 06 2015

Well the Sun Devils lost tonight so that sucks unless you are a Texas A&M fan. Not much to report today, Going to get some work done tonight. I need to go through my domain lists and also need to figure out what I want to list where. Some things just sell better on other platforms. I am going to start and outbound campaign pretty quick here for a couple names I have. We will see what happens, first thing I need to do is get my lists updated on Domain Name Sales and Afternic. I think its funny how Shane was saying that he is thankful that they allow such a small portfolio on like his on their site. Guaranteed that I am on the bottom end of the spectrum. I am not even sure how I got in there in the first place.


BrightSource.com 17 years old. Love it as an intelligent sounding brand

BrightSource.com: $5,900. I really like this name too! Sounds like a 25k name.

FuturePotential.com No bidders. 16 years old. Pretty good scouting, trend domain for $12

FuturePotential.com: $797 My wife says this about me..

IronSeed.com 16 years old. 56 visits a month. NO bidders. $12 Another solid brand for the money

IronSeed.com: $260. How Iron man started.

FatStack.com Slang for a huge amount of money. A few bidders and at the current price, won’t set you back a fat stack

FatStack.com: $1,005 I had this. Then I got married and had kids.

WSAD.com $500 name in my opinion. I will be bidding into that range

WSAD.com: $810. What should Aaron Do. A. Go to bed B. Read a book C. Work.

BrandEasy.com I was really hoping to get this at $12. Not going to. Great marketing company name

BrandEasy.com: $711. Perfect name for a marketing company. Lots of money to be made.

420Grow.com Perfect pot name. But only one bidder

420Grow.com: $155. Awesome for a pot grower. Aka Shane’s retirement plan.

PMTR.com Lots of action. Over under $750

PMTR.com: $821. Pepare Money To Retire.

Ingot.com Big name on the board today. Most bids, highest price. Gold Jerry, Gold.

Ingot.com: $7,850. My name is Aaron… Not Jerry. Geez its on the top of the post man.

RightCross.com Might as well add it to LeftHook that was up for sale the other day. One bidder

RightCross.com: $421. Think that was a month ago or more. I could be wrong.

KFTP.com Around $400 at press time

KFTP.com: $145. Killer FTP.

CageSide.com Solid MMA name. 10 years old

CageSide.com: $1,875. Man MMA name, Rightcross. This list is tough.

ZTHQ.com I wouldn’t have guessed that this would be the high LLLL.com Still getting the hang of these Chinese preferred letters thing

ZTHQ.com: $876. Something Something Head Quarters.

81675.com The five at the end and no fours keeps it over $500

81675.com: $961. Good looking number.

PMTR.com Pretty Mad Tiny Rabbit

PMTR.com: $821. ParaMedic Team Rescue. Although I like the rabit one too.

InitialResponse.com Didn’t show up on my scan list. Found it on the top bids list. Action name

InitialResponse.com: $326. If yours is anger you should re evaluate.


Winnepeg.com Never going to sell but awesome name. Go Jets

Winnepeg.com: Current price Reserve not met $2,700 with 27 min left. Great name but I would guess this is no where near the reserve.


DaveScott.com I like these types of names because you get them cheap and then can mail all the Dave Scotts and get a few hundred dollars for your efforts

DaveScott.com: $470. Common names like this are usually a safe bet. Good thing my name isn’t common… oh wait.

MPAS.com I like the domain but surprised how high it is going for considering it has an A in the middle.

MPAS.com: $3,433. Looks like maps at first glance.

DrillTeam.com Dance, oil and porn

DrillTeam.com: $1,310. Oil and porn make more money than the first one.

IKNA.com 68 bidders can’t be wrong

IKNA.com: $1,110. Not sure.. I would say that there are a lot more than 68 dumb people out there. I don’t thin they all bid on the same auction though. So you are probably right with your statement.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

LivingWest.com aka Much more expensive house. No bidders. 12 years old

LivingWest.com: Living way west is spendy, Arizona is not too bad.

NGHD.com I liked the HD at the end a few days ago and still liking HD

NGHD.com: No Glare High Def.

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