Sep 07 2015

I need to start eating better. I know Shane said he mixes Quinoa with beans or something like that. I am looking for recipes that are healthy and relatively easy to make. I do like cooking so I am not afraid of a challenge but there are on so many days I can do that a week because of my schedule. So if you have one you can email me @ [email protected] or place a comment I would appreciate it. Shane I know you have some so let me know. Yes I know that swapping recipies is very Wednesday night book clubish but this blog has it all folks. Remember that next year when nominations and voting comes around.

As always thank you for reading and here is the list!


FEBA.com The big name on the board today. Could hit mid four figures

FEBA.com: $3,550. Fierce Earth Bucking Action. The short term for earthquake.

DMAS.com 19 years old. As good of an acronym as you can buy IMO

DMAS.com: $1,675 Does anyone else see Dumbass?

39553.com Doing well. No fours, two fives, and sexy

39553.com: $921. Those 3’s at the end always do it for me.

39581.com Same type of name, doing just as well

39581.com: $933. Has an 8 instead of the numbers at the ends.

35126.com Last bid crossed the $500 mark

35126.com: $908. Almost broke a comma.

35226.com Sorry for all the 5Ns but they are over $500 and I am attracted to money

35226.com: $898. Then why are you a mac guy?? Just jokes Shane. I love apple stock, it has been good to me.

Picture.me Dot me has taken a bit of a hit with the newGs. Only at $100 at press time

Picture.me: $2,025. Love this one. Oh but Aaron its a .me. Don’t care. Just depends on what you can get it for.

941.cc Even the NNN.cc are going for four figures

941.cc: $2,225. Damn. I’ll say.

207222.com Triple repeating. Good for $300 or so every time

207222.com: $315. Even on a 6N. Nice.

PersonalMedicine.com Sounds so personalized. Like they really care

PersonalMedicine.com: $1,400. This is a nice idea. So a good marketing term.

593388.com Two pair. I raise you $300

593388.com: $498. Did you win the hand?

LaunchAProduct.com Generic Kickstarter. Only one bidder

LaunchAProduct.com: $185. Great domain for a law firm in Patent law.


EEIA.com A whole bunch of vowels for one low price. 18 years old

EEIA.com: $610. Exhausting Oversize Is Awesome.

MakeupGuide.com Bigger name than most guys realize. Just check YouTube for the term

MakeupGuide.com: $2,166. Huge money on both YouTube and in the keywords as well.

BootKnife.com Nothing good comes from boot knives

BootKnife.com: $751. I can think of one thing, a PB&J. Slice the bread and spread the peanut butter and Jelly. And it you are wondering Crunchy and Marion berry.

Printer.xyz Every person in America has a printer. OK, maybe not everyone but a lot. And 3D.printer.xyz

Printer.xyz: $400. Sorry still not a big fan of .XYZ.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

MNHP.com Highest LLLL.com on the Namejet board

MNHP.com: Solid letters.

SnowPlowTruck.com Tens of thousands of these sought and purchased every year. No bidders

SnowPlowTruck.com: I like the singular better in this case.

CaterYou.com Buy for $40, sell to a caterer as a memorable marketing name for $350

CaterYou.com: If you are flipping it is all about making a profit. It doesn’t have to be huge each time.

TheDeposit.com At $40 at press time. Worth quite a bit more IMO

TheDeposit.com: The domains have some serious value IMO.

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  1. Howie

    Hi Aaron,

    My mate has a great YouTube channel “Hastes Kitchen” he’s got an excellent set up with the tagline ‘Clean Eating – Made Simple’

    He knows his beans and has some kind of connection with Jamie Oliver. Check him out.

  2. Keith DeBoer

    OK Aaron, I’m a bachelor and lifelong vegetarian and here’s the 20 minute meal I make several times per week. Fry some spices in a bit of oil (I use ghee) for one minute. (If you dont’ know you way around the spice rack then buy a pre-made spice mix that you like.) Add chopped veggies and some protein (tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds etc.) and cook for 2-3 minutes. Then add about half a cup of water, cover and simmer for 10 more minutes or until the veggies are cooked. Uncover the last few minutes to boil out all the water and just leave behind the oil and spices. This is very important. Serve over a bed of carbs ie rice, quinoa, toast, noodles etc. I vary the types of veggies according to season and also add different things depending on my mood like raisins, cranberries, lemon, coconut milk, fresh cilantro, fresh basil, shredded coconut etc. Be creative. On a side note…… for beans I recommend red lentils. They cook in about 15 minutes or so. Faster than any other legume I know of. Hope that’s helpful. Bon Appetit! 🙂

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