Sep 09 2015

The movie theater near my house is doing a throwback movie weekend this weekend and they are showing one of my favorite movies of all time. Back To The Future. I loved those movies when I was a kid. All the boys in the family are going to go. My dad, brother and my son. Should be an awesome time and to see it on the big screen should be awesome. It is ironic that the year they traveled to in Back to the Future II (the worst one of the three) was the year 2015. Unfortunately we do not have the sweet flying cars yet. On the other hand can you imagine the idiots on the roads now having a car that can fly? Should be a good time, I am going to have Butterfinger Bites. I’ll run afterwards Shane.


ALLM.com 19 years old and I’m all in for all m

ALLM.com: $1351. All Money

LocalMD.com It could be our local medical care but we have a huge hospital and yet nobody can find a good primary doctor. There’s a need for more local doctor finders. Under $100 at press time

LocalMD.com: $1225. Solid name. I like this one a lot.

SinusRelief.com When there is a whole aisle dedicated to the product that your domain represents then you know you have a good category

SinusRelief.com: $4050. Great name, I like many others have issues with their sinuses and they will pay the monies to relieve the pressure.

XW3.com Same here. 13 years old. The Chinese love these types of names. Don’t listen to non Chinese who don’t understand them

XW3.com: $611. This one I like though.

GLCP.com All consonants. Considered good name in all countries. OK most countries

GLCP.com: $866. Global Learning Coordination plan.

TAOQ.com Tao brings em in. Q keeps them dancing. Will hit four figures IMO

TAOQ.com: $2258. All I see here is Tacos. I like Mexican food ok?!

78626.com After yesterday’s inundation of 5N.coms you feel like adding another nice one? Getting some action

78626.com: $1146. Love this 5L. Nice name.

70363.com I just leave this one here as well. Eat up

70363.com: $360. The other is better but this aint bad.

777933.com The triple repeating is best at the end. The end is good but doesn’t bring in anywhere the price as a triple finish

777933.com: $263. Ending the numerics with a solid 6N. I like your style.



FFME.com Nice letters as well. Good for many different languages

FFME.com: $425. Freaking Feed me! What the baby says to my wife the instant she is hungry.

GJ.com You should buy it. Ends today

GJ.com: $694,095. Is there 1000 people that want to go in on this with me?

Flying.info Only 10 bidders. Good name for the right price

Flying.info: $1328. I would love to learn how to fly. None of that plane BS though. Mechanical failures? No thanks I am talking Superman or Peter Pan style.

6GL.com 70 bidders for this “pump and dump” domain as someone called it. But they had the same feeling about numerics

6GL.com: $980. The ol pump and dump huh?

StockValuation.com One of those great names for a buildout. Big affiliate opportunities but will take a lot of work to build

StockValuation.com: $1500 I don’t have the time to build out the stuff I have. But I want it anyways.


No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

PlantZone.com No. I’m not bidding or buying. I passed three times and will again. I think its a great name but I have plenty of fantastic plant names

PlantZone.com: Yeah this one has been up a lot. This is like the bowl.net of Namejet.

BTAF.com Sexy letters. Great lyrics and you can dance to it

BTAF.com: I have no idea what you are talking about. But I never really do so no biggie.

FindItClose.com Shipping is great but certainly a market to help people to find hard to ship things locally. No bidders

FindItClose.com: Sometimes I just want it NOW. So I find places that price match amazon.

ShockDefense.com I’m a huge Taser fan (and a stock owner) but Taser is trademarked. This would make a nice site or review site name for that category. No bidders

ShockDefense.com: I wasn’t even thinking about Taser but that is perfect product for this name.

2GD.com Another CCC.com. Just under the average price

2GD.com: 2 GoDaddy.

MJB.net 15 years old. Anyone else still think Michael Jordan any time they see MJ. You probably see Michael Jackson

MJB.net: Mary J Blige

UE1.com Average price of these is $750 and its not there yet

UE1.com: For 2 vowels and a 1?

PRB.cc Watch them, there is money to be made

PRB.cc: Pay R____ Back. Like Payback. someone with an R get them back.

TrueFashion.com Closing today. Price hasn’t changed since I mentioned it the other. See. I have no price movement power

TrueFashion.com: Nice name for anything fashion!

PeerFunding.com 9 years old and under $100

PeerFunding.com: $1175. Worth way more as a crowd funding name.

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