Sep 10 2015

I don’t have much time tonight so I am going to leave you with a quote I like.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Damn right it does.


KOTM.com Good acronym letters and 18 years old

KOTM.com: $760. Kitchen something Trademark.

ZQQ.org This name would have been passed in a heartbeat a few years ago. Now look at the price

ZQQ.org: $451. Yeah the letters are terrible. So everyone wants it.

HotBrick.com One bidder. I’m thinking a short name for a hot brick oven pizza. At $17

HotBrick.com:$335. Trying to eat healthy and you bring brick oven pizza into this? Wow.

WLJS.com Old radio station is now a Chinese LLLL.com

WLJS.com: $1040. Wiskey Lovin Jack’s Golden Oldies?

SugarLove.com Under $100. A much better name than the current price

SugarLove.com: $920. Yes please.

70665.com A double 5 would have pushed it closer to 4 figures. But still doing well

70665.com: $560. Still not bad to look at though.

70607.com Close to $500 at press time

70607.com: $579. I love symmetry so I love this one.

XTTF.com Over under on this one is $700

XTTF.com: $680. Just a bit outside!

QCKR.com I see quicker. And dollar signs. Ends a few hours after I post this so bid quickly

QCKR.com: $362. Nice, cool 4L.

SpoonMe.com Now you don’t have to turn to Craigslist to get spooned

SpoonMe.com: $800. Dang 800 bucks? what does a good spooning go for these days?


HandbagReviews.com 6 years old. Reserve made. Girls spend ALOT of money on purses and handbags

HandbagReviews.com: Sold by Auction $366. They really do. Now I have 3 of them in my house. Anyone want to buy some names from me? Im gonna need it.

PotatoParcel.com You’ve heard all about it. The legendary send you a potato site

PotatoParcel.com: Auction ended unsold $28,500. I love it! Awesome idea.


InternetAccess.com Top Pick of Mr. Frank Schilling on DomainSherpa last week. He’s pretty good at this domain thing

InternetAccess.com: $16100. He is ok I guess. Haha. I like this one too.

RW.org We say the LL.coms sell for $600K plus. Wonder what percentage of that this will be?

RW.org: $10,099 Pretty low. But a pretty decent price for a 2L.

FraudCheck.com 68 bidders. Fraud is big business. On both sides

FraudCheck.com: $3,000. Every big company has a department that does this.

PokerProfit.com This would have been a four figure name 5 years ago. Now there is hardly any bidders

PokerProfit.com: $211. gotta keep up with the market.

HBE.net I am on the buy side of these. Of course I haven’t bought any because I keep getting out bid

HBE.net: $861. Home Buying in Ecuador

MEYM.com Not sure why this has so many bidders.

MEYM.com: $300. Window shoppers.

NLCM.com This one I understand. Great acronym letters.

NLCM.com: $908. NorthLand Car Masters

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

LaborCenter.com Solid temporary labor name. 13 years old. One bidder

LaborCenter.com: Decent enough name.

TrackYourTraffic.com For $12 not a bad name if this is a service you offer

TrackYourTraffic.com: Not bad at all.

InstantHair.com I wish

InstantHair.com: It’s ok Shane. You run faster with short hair.

eLeaks.com You’ve heard me say I’m not a big e name guy but this works for online leaks. No bidders. At $12

eLeaks.com: Or cyber security.

YHGV.com At $145 if you want it. There are no more rules in the LLLL.com game

YHGV.com: I thought the only rule was there is no rules? Dammit now I’m confused.

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