Sep 11 2015

I am thinking of switching where my domains to a different sales platform. The problem with this for me is that it is hard to gauge what is effective and whats not because I have so few domains. Honestly parking revenue does not sway me at all. It has dwindled so much in recent years that for me it isn’t even worth it. I just have a straight sales lander that way people know that it is for sale without a doubt. I had an account at Voodoo for a while but strictly from a sales standpoint Afternic and DNS are better. I guess we will see.


Platica.com Talk or chatter in Spanish. 16 years old. A few bidders

Platica.com: $2006. I do this a lot.

BigPots.com If you sell big pots you would want this. One bidder does. 15 years old

BigPots.com:$180. These are all the rage in garden circles. Garden dept at Home Depot for a year. Yeah some would call me a gardening expert.

Mezas.com 12 years old. No bidders. I think all 5L.coms that ar CVCVC are worth $12 or more

Mezas.com: $560. This one is kinda close to my home town name of Mesa.

RealClean.com Most people like clean. They don’t like cleaning but like clean. Great marketing name for that service

RealClean.com:$1113. Not like that awful fake clean.

TDCM.com Fantastic LLLL.com. I am a bidder

TDCM.com: $1285. The domain something something

RCTrains.com My wife’s company sells these. The B Scale crowd is very passionate about their trains

RCTrains.com: 1,075. I like trains. You are welcome for that incite into my life.

NGAD.com GAD is God in Wisconsin language

NGAD.com: $405. NorthGuard Atlantic Drone.

77092.com Can’t have a list without a 5N.com over $500. Not there yet

77092.com: $515. Good thing it got there. Or you would have.


Blab.net Met reserve. You’re not going to get the dot com for less than 10K. Works perfectly for chat or sharing

Blab.net: $500. Not a bad price here. worth 5 times that to an end user easy and the seller doubled their money in 6 months.


WPD.net Great letters. I think you can sell this for more next year. Opinion only

WPD.net: Auction ended unsold $1,300. WordPress Directions.

Doya.com CVCV and some even call it a CVVV. Seller has it as Do Ya?

Doya.com: Auction has ended Reserve not met $2,520. Don’t like the write up.


SNX.com Ummmm. And its only my second favorite name on the board today

SNX.com: $31,250. Idk man I am digging the curves on this one.

SPPL.com Soft and Sppl

SPPL.com: $1400. Supple = Sppl. I love it. Great brand.

DNNX.com I figured you guys might like the whole DN thing going on with this one

DNNX.com: $860. Why… Who’s name is Dana Nelson? I don’t get the DN thing, Yeah it could stand for domain names whats the big deal.

YellowBottle.com A color + noun is never a bad buy if you get it cheap enough

YellowBottle.com: $105. Sell this to Heinz for Mustard. Charge a million bucks.


No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

CGMO.com I promise there are other domains for sale besides LLLL.com But they are selling so I have to point them out

CGMO.com: You cannot say this is GMO free.

MakeNewFriends.com Why do I feel like these friends are going to make me pay to cuddle

MakeNewFriends.com: I hate friends like that. Free cuddles is where its at.

143.com Here’s the first.

143.com: Okay this one is badass.

CBFE.com 1999 birthday for this LLLL.com

CBFE.com: Oldie but a goodie.

MyOnlineDegree.com 16 years old. Good enough CPC to give this one some value

MyOnlineDegree.com: These names are never going to go out of style. Until you can upload all of the data to your brain.

121088.com At $22 at press time. Guarantee it won’t stay there

121088.com: Well it ends in 88.

VDE.co Not exactly sure why this is going for so much

VDE.co: I would rather have this in a .me.

6M.cc These absolutely sell in China. I am a bidder but my guess is it goes for more than I want to pay

6M.cc: Twice as good as 3m.

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