Sep 12 2015

Looks like a stormy or at least windy night here in Phoenix. Great night for a run. I am going to get the post done a little early and head off for a jog. Unlike my counterparts it wont be a long one, just a few miles. Even when I was at the top of my game I was only doing like 5 to 8 miles at a time.

On another note it seems like more and more people are putting reserves on their auctions at Flippa. I understand why but from a spectators perspective it is pretty anticlimactic. Some of the names on there I wouldn’t have paid what they got too in bids let alone what the reserve might have been.


PlaceOrders.com You could use this to …..place….orders.

PlaceOrders.com: $290. Dang, I was way off.

NSYN.com All I see is one letter short of my favorite boy band NSync. C’mon you know you love Justin Timberlake

NSYN.com: $910. Sometimes you type what I feel.

Bikes.cc If you’re going to buy non numeric .cc then this is the kind you want to buy. 3 bids

Bikes.cc: $260 I just bought a bike domain.

31828.com One of the better 5N.coms this week. And all the bids confirm it

31828.com: $1156. Really good imo.

69353.com Actually doing better than the above

69353.com: $1026. This is the kinda crap that throws me. This is honestly why I don’t invest in numerics, because I don’t understand enough about them.

GYM.me One of the first .me I’ve seen doing well in the last few weeks

GYM.me: $3,000. I really like some .me domains. this is one of them.

5855.cc Would be $40-50K if it were a dot com IMO

5855.cc: $1120. Solid numbers.

MakeAnything.com I’d like to make a million dollars

MakeAnything.com: $2,125. I would like to make a billion dollars.

NSF.cc At $300 at press time

NSF.cc: $534. Good letters.

87520.com At $800 plus at press time

87520.com: $900. Didn’t go much further, sounds like a zip code.

60105.com 10 years old. Over under $500

60105.com: $410. My guess is over. I was wrong.

VDD.biz I have no idea why its this high

VDD.biz: $455. I am not sure how high it got but I don’t get it either. 

DancingStars.com Doesn’t have to be Dancing With the Stars knock off. Dancers have become stars with all the new dancing shows. A few bidders

DancingStars.com: $1,247. Not bad, even doing a ranking site or something could draw traffic.

Jimmy.me At $30. Worth 10 times that as an email alone

Jimmy.me: $355. Some one named Jimmy would like this.


NYRestaurants.com One bidder at $10. 19 years old. Tens of thousands of restaurants in NY yet nobody wants this domain?

NYRestaurants.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted Sweet name. Could be its own app. Hate the logo the seller has on the profile. terrible.


TBIA.com 19 years old and good acronym name

TBIA.com:$553. You just like it because it has an A at the end.

FunShirts.com Who doesn’t want to buy a fun shirt? 130 bidders think its a good name

FunShirts.com:$1005. Lots of T shirt companies out there.

SeeItFirst.com I’m not sure what IT is but I can’t wait to see it before everyone else

SeeItFirst.com: $565. Movie preview site fo sho.

WebNurse.com Online medicine is certainly part of the future. And all nurses are pretty on the net

WebNurse.com: $918. My wifes sister is on webMD every day for at least an hour. This could work.

PrivateNurse.com Or if you have a lot of money you just get one of the these

PrivateNurse.com: $2,411. Great nursing name.

TCCA.com 90 bidders can’t be wrong

TCCA.com: Telephone Circuit Compatibility Association.

FFME.com I’m sure you can come up with a bunch of things FF can stand for.

FFME.com: $305. Yup.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

GGJG.com Into the four figures. Collectibles are back to being hot again

GGJG.com: I have no idea what Shane’s comment means. But I like all the G’s. feel like I’m hanging out with my hommies. get it? Yeah it was pretty bad.

IGI.org Opening bid is $250 and I think its worth that. 20 years old

IGI.org: If it had another g it would get a lot more searches.

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  1. Keith DeBoer

    WebNurse – It’s a play on the term ‘wet nurse’ but everybody already got that right?

    NYrestaurants – Absolootly right the logo sucks. It cheapens the product. Makes it look like it’s a domain for a roadside diner or sumpin, instead of the finest dining in the most famous city in the world. If I’m not mistaken Flippa makes those logos when you upgrade. That’s a problem. Which brings me to my next point……

    Flippa – It’s a unique marketplace and a super addition to the other marketplace options. One of the problems see at Flippa is that there is no middle class. (kind like the economy) There’s full promo auctions with the whole $400+ upgrade thingy which gets you traffic. Then there’s the $9 sit there (alone) with a low quality name situation that only attracts people looking to raid the cookie jar for under $20.
    Flippa needs a middle class. There are a lot of decent, sellable names that can’t afford a $400 promo and as a result don’t get a lick of traffic. They need a format where buyers and sellers with medium quality names can buy, sell and trade. That’s not happening right now. I see more of that kind of action on Name Pros then I see on Flippa. The growing popularity of placing a reserves on auctions is the result of people putting up a decent name at no reserve and then getting burned with a low sale price because the traffic just wasn’t there. The downside for Flippa is that people who bid are getting frustrated and have less incentive to participate. It’s a conundrum.

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