Sep 15 2015

Awesome Domain Sherpa show today. alright I am actually watching it while writing this. But I am sure it is good as always. I like to see the different perspectives on the show. Seeing Larry Fischer on the show was cool, I had the opportunity to talk with him briefly at NamesCon. He has a huge wealth of knowledge and he has been in the industry a long time.


ePetshop.com No bidders. 17 years old. Pretty sure you can have an online pet shop

ePetshop.com: $390. Look at you listing the E names.

StressingOut.com So many people do. 15 years old and only one bidder

StressingOut.com: $355. Yes they do. It’s just not worth it.

OnPace.com As a runner I know the value of keeping on pace. But you can be on pace to finish anything. Nice name

OnPace.com: $36,500?! Damn someone wanted this name bad. I think sales goals.

25357.com Over $500 at press time. The flanking 5s are the driver….I think

25357.com: $928. Not the driver. they all did about this.

25361.com Forget what I said above. This is doing as well and not flanking 5s

25361.com: $906. Almost a thousand bucks a pop.

25362.com Might as get the sequential numbers since you’re in the buying mood

25362.com: $898. Just get em all.

25387.com Not sure who got the 25 from this one to the previous name

25387.com: $886. Whoever is selling is making some money today.

YYXY.com Getting a HUGE price

YYXY.com: $2,225. Wow, great results.

CHHX.com Only an acronym in China but that’s all that matters

CHHX.com: $821. Isn’t that the truth?

FLCQ.com So X , Z, and Q are the letters that are getting the best price. Just like they always have…for the last 8 months

FLCQ.com: $681. I see Falco. Makes me think of the Replacements.


Jacket.org 18 years old. Not sure dot org is the best place to sell jackets but the price is right

Jacket.org: Auction ended unsold $120. If we took all of our apparel related .org domain and made a super store we might have something.

WHI.net One bid at $40 tells you a lot. But not that the name isn’t good

WHI.net: Auction ended unsold $425. When you say stuff like this I feel like you are speaking in philosophical riddles. Just like Mr Miyagi.


RCKC.com Like FFRR this one is going to do well

RCKC.com: $829. Remote Control Kart Crasher.

Ratix.com No bidders. I think its worth $69. Short and would make a good brand

Ratix.com: $175. I like it a lot it passes my bad ass test.

1313.org Will be interesting to see if the awesome numbers can overcome the .org

1313.org: $180. I think they will. But I like .orgs

aPromise.com I promise that this will have 40 bidders

aPromise.com: $691. I promise it did wen he wrote that.

576888.com Under 10 bidders. After my exhaustive research I have come to the conclusion that I am probably positive that this could go at a bargain price if no more bidders are added

576888.com: $7,300. What is bargain anymore? It changes weekly with these. Even still that does not seem bargain priced.

Institutes.com Top bid getter. Not my favorite on the list

Institutes.com: $10,500. Fan favorites are usually not my favorite. which might tell you something.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

BHTM.com Big Head Todd and the Monsters

BHTM.com: Great band name Shane.

143.org Today’s the day. I think it ends in the 280K range

143.org: Very curious to see.

Flowering.com Didn’t meet reserve at $2500 last time. I have too many similar names so I’ll leave it for you

Flowering.com: This could have a few different meanings. Nice name.

RNJZ.com Z at the end is the best you can get. Actually I like C but its not what I like, its what buyers like and I think they pretty much like everything now

RNJZ.com: Run DMC Jay Z collaboration?

IHJZ.com This one has a vowel but is still getting a great price. But that’s because

IHJZ.com: Yopu trailed off there. I would say it is beacaue the J and the Z and the buyers in Asia.

NVVV.com Save $100K but adding an N in the beginning.

NVVV.com: Nevada Visitors of Vending.

OACO.com Too many vowels for some. Co for company for others

OACO.com: Organic Action Something Something.

OMKY.com Under $100. Everyone loves Kentucky

OMKY.com: Oh My Kentucky.

GeneExperts.com No bidders. Genetic testing will be a part of everyday medicine

GeneExperts.com: I have a Gene domain that is a lot worse than this.

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