DSAD Daily Auction Recap

May 19 2015

In the auction recap I have included a nice variety from on and off the list. Keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results and some will not be listed.

From Shane’s List


BCRF.com: 73 bids for $1480 Good letters! No vowels and 4 letters means you want it.

NoRefunds.com 35 bids for $635. No Idea how you would build this out but it would be a funny email to negotiate with potential buyers with..

PerfectShopping.com 59 Bids for $455. Online shopping is perfect shopping.

GoodBalls.com 17 for $233. Already got em! Just bought a sleeve of Titleist Pro V’s. I buy the good ones. Then I hit them right into the water.

FineTube.com only 12 bids for $106: I did a quick check and I see a couple four figure sales with Tube in it. But it seems like the big sales were quite a few years ago.

ZombieGuide.com 20 bids for $449. This is like an emergency guide or plan… I hope FEMA bought this. Would really be nice to have a standard guide.

CMNS.com 32 bids for $735. Not as strong as the BCRF So it was half off.

CBW.cc 27 bids for $409. I don’t know the market for .cc too well but if you are going to buy one then I think this one is pretty solid.

888037.com 17 bids for $305. 6 Numbers… has a lot of 8’s. But there sure are a lot of numbers the Chinese buyers need to go through to get to 6 number domains. Again, I don’t know the numeric market Like Shane but it seems like there would be some meat on the bone for this one.

LIWI.com 39 bids for $4,950. CVCV.com and the vowels are the same. I like It just looks like a great balanced domain. On domain Sherpa on Monday Drew said he likes some domains just for the look of them, I think this one falls into that category.



ANW.net: 138 bids from 87 bidders $909. Very popular show Called American Ninja Warrior looks like #anw might be related to that as well.

1280.com: 160 bids from 111 bidders 26,010. Who doesn’t love this name? Surprisingly First was not the winner of this numeric gem.

VEO.com: 281 bids from 251 bidders 36,100. What a great name. These are the names everyone should want in their portfolio. So liquid you could drink it.



(I am planning on doing a sold recently section every Monday for Flippa domains.. But I wanted to mention this one.)

AUS.com: Sold for $90,000. Great Sale! Shane said it could hit 6 figures and he wasn’t far off.


To finish here are a few domains that I liked that were not on the list.


FinancialPulse.com: ??? Went before I could catch the price! I do know it was in the mid XXX range. Anyone who has the exact number feel free to post it in the comments. I like this domain for a few different things. Could be great for a financial planner or a monetized blog talking about market trends or even a publication.

OceanShield.com: ? Fail. I missed this one as well. I am pretty positive that it went for just under 300. Really like this name. Could be awesome for a site about protecting the oceans or as killer brand for an eCommerce site selling wet and dry suits and everything else.



ZC1.com: Sold for $750. I like the sound of that one and I think letters in front are better in general.

SilverTrade.com: Sold for $749. I feel like the logo for this should have an old fashioned wooden wagon filled with silver.

CleverChemist.com: Sold for $995. If there is not a bar named this there should be. Great Brand.

PrestigeBank.com: Sold for $1,000 Sounds like a good name for a bank.

WOXU.com: Sold for $1,490. I think this is a good price. It has the X in there which is popular right now and it is a decent CVCV.​

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  1. KC

    I like FinancialPulse.com. I listen to FinancialSense.com regularly which is a financial news, analysis, planning site.

  2. KC

    888037.com can be used as a betting site. 888 does not require any explanation. 037 can refer to 0(赢, win), 3(上, up), and 7(去, go), suggesting to continue winning and making a fortune. How about that?

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