Friday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auction Picks…

Dropday got their Godaddy lists back in form.  I was having to manually screen the list and that was a bi**h.  Glad to have it back up. Let’s take a look at what I dug up today I like it because it’s one better than for sale. 1996 Birthday with great letters.  Insert funny acronym here Everyone likes to be a VIP.  Me?  I only think “more expensive” when I hear VIP.  I prefer the term “special” .  It’s what my Mom and teachers called me. 1998 Birthday Could mean all sorts of things.  Divorce or leaky roof. 2900 Searches $13,000 valuate Great brand. I think these mobile phone things are going to catch on too. I would love to see a whole site devoted to body painting.  Consider me a beta tester [email protected]  Certainly an email to get the ladies. 1999 Birthday Decent crowd sourcing name.  OK better I think colon but I realize it can be used for other things. Color + clothing =money I don’t EVEN want to know who’s going to be watching the videos here Now this is better.  I love wacky stuff but not sure anyone under 60 uses the word wacky anymore Not worth even $12 but admit it would be fun to hack this to

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  1. I like could be Can Dalmatians Pee Safer? for those organizations concerned about the health hazards of the locations Dalmatians relieve themselves. Some of them urinate on electric fences, you know.

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