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How I Make $60 A Month On YOUR Domain For a Return of ∞

Andrew had an article on how he made $2333 RPM on his parked domain but I think I have him beat.  Over the last three months I have made $50 to $60 on domains that I sold months, even years ago. A return of ∞

Its probably the easiest money I make. It’s not much, but you don’t get much less carrying cost than not even owning the asset that brings in revenue.  I am profiting on the guys that buy tons of names and don’t have the organization or the time to change the DNS.  I imagine that $60 is a drop in the bucket for many of the new buyers but I’ll take it.

I have one domain that I have been receiving parking revenue for 3 years now.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a few domains that slip through the cracks as well and I forget to change the DNS.  Hell, I have a few domains that I forget I even OWN, let alone remember to change the DNS.   I like to look at it as the sale that keeps on giving.

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17 Replies to “How I Make $60 A Month On YOUR Domain For a Return of ∞”

  1. Officially the first time I have seen the infinity symbol in the title of a blog post. Thanks!

    I have been giving free money to others now that I think of it.

  2. I have a lot of those….some going back five years.

    Some people never end up developing or changing the NS.

  3. On a side note, I received a penis enlargement affiliate check for $280 the other day for a banner ad I placed in 2001. I can only think that someone had a deep link somewhere on the net or someone visited, then my old site, and then ended up at the affiliate site which is still in business. Or maybe they accessed it through an old email.

    I spent over two hours tracking down where the referral came from, meaning what site and banner it was from.

    Unbelievable!!! Over 10 years later.

  4. LOL it happens to me as well. I have to say the most profitable parked domains are those that sold months ago 😀

  5. Could have been me

    When you make $1m a year you dont necessarily think about where assets are parked especially when they cost just $8 a year to keep. An extra $50 is pennies especially if it takes time to update dns and track ppc clicks.

    Stop thinking small time bro, big money doesnt give a shit about your extra $50. Looking for big scores. Just the truth. Good luck with the nickels and dimes.

    Your $10 domains will never add up to $5-10M ideas amd $100-$200m execution blogging about $50 scores lol

    Domainshane change your annoying mugshot, stop thinking small time, and make things happen


    1. Anon,
      And yet you prove my point that no matter how much money you have you can still be an asshat. I love money. Little bills, big bills. It doesn’t matter. You read MY blog and I don’t care anything about what you do so you tell me who’s more important in this relationship. We all know you’re really a ebay selling 6 letter dot net flipper because hundred million dollar men don’t post in the comments. They email me. PS I’m keeping the mug, it’s the last photo I have with a full head of hair. I’m keeping it up for 15 years like Frager.

  6. Im more important.

    Ive got what you wNt. Money.

    You blog for money and and you domain for money.

    I read for entertainment and I domain as a hobby.

    Dont think you are so important because people with money humor themselves reading your bs.

    Occasionally you get it but inevitabley you are small time. Because you think small, namely your $60/month article. Please.

    Not interested in emailing you directly, if this is protocol to be part of the “community” than apparently i should not be commenting on a domain blog. My bad

  7. The domain world has always been infested with kooks who pop up anonymously claiming (or implying) to be fantastically wealthy and speaking down to the little folk…

    When an industry has a ‘get rich quick’ element to it, it will draw in these types of fantasists. You can go on trader forums and they pop up from time to time, too.

    I’m guilty of not changing nameservers, but I’ll take $60 from anyone who wants to give it.

  8. Shane 1 : Anon douche 0

    I think that Anon fails to realize that Shane is already doing big things. Cheers sir. Keep it up.

  9. I’ve had the same thing happen by accident, domains I’ve sold get transferred and keep my nameserver info, and I’m still making parking income or my webpage is still up on the domain! Nice when you get a little profit from it.

  10. To Shane,
    Hate to nitpick but for the sake of truth, it is mathematically incorrect to say your return is infinity. A number divided by zero is invalid – you cannot divide by zero.

    To Antoine,
    RPM=Revenue per 1000 visitors

  11. Hundred million dollar men DO POST on blogs. In fact they have blogs of their own so why shouldn’t do posting as well?!

    Didn’t like the logic there at all. Now that I’ve cleared this up, you 2 can carry on fighting 🙂

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