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The sale of was recently announced but the buyer was kept hidden until now.   The buyers were the older members of DnForum and many of you are probably familiar with their screen names Seek99, Johnn, and Castion.   Here is the official release and congratulations to the new owners.


My name is Oliver and I am one of the new owners of DNF. I wanted to reach out and let the community know about our short-term plans for DNF and who the team consists off. We are sorry for keeping you in suspense for these last couple of days but we wanted a chance to get the deal finalized before taking the stage. 

We are three owners;
Lars – Castion, whom will be handling business management and development. 
Johnn – Johnn, whom will be heading up the mod team and assisting with business development. 
Myself – Seek99, whom will help with the strategic vision and act as a business advisor. 

We know it is a monumental task to bring DNF back from the brink its teetering on (/fell off) but we believe that its possible by focusing on the core values that made DNF great. A lot of people invested their money, time and wisdom here and that deserves respect. We hope to return some of that invested energy back to our community members in the form of actual tangible benefits. 

Some of our short-term goals are; 
A return to the gold / platinum / exclusive membership classes and forums.
A roll back to some of the old forums categories like short domains.
A new design to help us turn a fresh page.
Bringing back the trader ratings.
Removing Adsense ads.
Killing the crypto forums. (Already done). 

We will not be taking the forums offline but will implement our updates piecemeal during the coming months. 

Overall, we want to move the focus away from creating short term profits and towards building a sustainable community that is laser focused on domain name investing and discussion. Our end goal is for DNF to rise from the ashes reinvigorated as the go to place for professionals in our industry. 

Some of our long-term development goals are; 
Implementing a tag-based marketplace system and search.
Bringing value and benefits back into the exclusive membership.
Making user-driven innovation a focal point for further development.

We are not kidding ourselves. It won’t be an easy task, but we are in it for the long run. In the end many small steps goes a long way. We hope that you will join us in this journey and help us achieve our goal. 

Finally we would like to the previous owners of DNF for their assistance in making this transaction easy and agreeable. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.


For Sure stay turned for updates open to ideas what domainers want to see!


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4 Replies to “Introducing The New Owners of DNForum”

  1. Weren’t you guys banned from NameJet?

    There are so many comments about bidding on same auctions, reauctions, different usernames attached to you, so much shade?

  2. Oliver was accused of shill bidding and supporting evidence was provided in a NP thread. Why aren’t bloggers talking about that? Is it a cover up?

    1. I’m not covering for anyone. I’m the one who called out the original account HDKM. But you said accused. I thought I heard you were accused of some wrong doing as well. But I could be wrong

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