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The $XX Auction That Nobody Knew About ……Part 2

I pace around the garden apartment as I await the young Floridians response. As I mentioned in Part 1, he was sitting on over 10 Ebay quality 4L dot coms and I was hoping to practically steal  them. Once highly valued because they didn’t have 5 letters and weren’t a dot net, now valued because they could be mine. I thought to myself some of the incredible uses for my new names,  coming up with as many words I could think of that started with X,Z,Q,V and K. The dollar signs ran through my head as I realized Zebra had a CPC of $1.88 but a bit disappointed when Quail came in at $.73. I had a….lot of Quail possibilities ahead. I hoped. I was told by the Seller that he was examining a few offers and my (remember a friend of a friend sent it in)  bid would be reviewed and would be be responded to with 24-48 hours.

After wearing out the linoleum in the kitchen as I paced back and forth, I received the call I was waiting for. I am informed that that he has received my offer and found it to be viable.  Unfortunately, he does not accept.  He’s decided he wants to test the market and put them up on ebay or the forums.  He’s informed me he’s come up with cute little logos with a zebra being the ‘Z” and a Quail in the shape of a “Q”.  It was obvious the seller knew what he had.  My buddy forwards me an email from the seller with the following.

1. Puts individual prices to individual name.  Jacking up the ‘Q’ names with a link to the CPC of the word ‘Quote’ at $16.

2. States I have 2 days to bid as there is this guy that will take them if I don’t

3. States payment has to be on his sister’s Paypal account because he put his gym membership on a subscription and forgot to pay it, so they closed his account

4.  Says he is willing to take trades of of 3 letter dot biz or strong L-L-L dot coms.

I decided I had to get the third parties out of it.  If I was going to keep these names under $100 I was going to need to be professional and directly talk to this person.  So I emailed him and gave up the fact that I was using a shell to hide my identity but I was somewhat interested in his names.  He said he was looking for $200.  I asked him why he moved his price up so much.  He told me he hadn’t and that he felt it was a pretty good deal for 25 names.  TWENTY FIVE , low grade,  four letter dot coms?  This deal kept getting bigger and bigger ………………Stay Tuned for Part 3

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