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The $XX Auction That Nobody Knew About ……Part 3

So my situation has changed.  Instead of snapping up ten LLLL domains at bargain prices, I now have the ability to take in 25 LLLLs.  The seller is asking all parties for bids over $100 and I wanted to make a statement with my bid.  I want to blow out the other bidders immediately,  and show them I am a major player in the X,Y,Z,Q,  4L domain game.  I am already widely known in the Turkish IDN industry and the dot TK hack game but I was just a small fish compared to Reese and the boys over at Namepros.   I had recently sold a long tail keyword dot info so I was flush with cash and I was prepared to make it work for me.

“Dear Sir,   I would like to bid $300 dollars for your fine names” .  My simple but powerful email.  I thought the numbers would do most of the talking but I decided to punctuate the email with a few signature lines showing that I was big time.  I put a link to my blog,  my twitter account that at the time had over 100 followers, and my Bido Pro profile.  I assumed (OK I knew)  that coming in with the highest bid would close it down. Lesson to all – don’t assume, because some people are stupid.

Here’s the notification letter:

I am pleased to inform you that your bid of $300 for the domain names represents one of the three highest bids received.  If bidding goes over $500 we will be throwing 5 logos we made containing Quail, Zebra, and Xylophones. We have finals this week so we would like to have these domains sold and transferred by this weekend.  I would like to add that we will be providing an appraisal to all bidders as we required by one of the initial bidders to have an appraisal at one of his preferred appraisal companies  (came in at $47,000).  Please have your bids in by Saturday night and will be awarding the domains on Sunday afternoon.  All bids are confidential.

PS.  We are still waiting to hear from a 4th bidder but they have not returned our emails.  We are keeping all bidder’s names private but his name rhymes with Mick Matona.

The good news is I’m in the top 3.  The bad news, Rick Latona may be a player in the bidding.  Inside I’m afraid that my $300 bid may have drawn too much attention and instead of scaring other bidders away, may have reached the ears of some of the big boys.    Stay tuned for Part 4.

Domain Spotlight: