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Tueday’s Daily Domain Name Drop and Auction Picks

Don’t you love reading stories about the guy that hand registers a name and then sells it for $300,000.  Larry does it all the time and it drives me even more.  Not because of the huge profits but because of the sale.  I love to hear stories of names that can still be had for under $20,000 and flipped for $300K.  There are plenty of opportunities out there in this business.  Of course, that $10 hand register from last year isn’t going to get you there but spend a little and you might.  Now on to the names Watch out in the house.  There’s gonna be a stampede to get this one.  If it goes under $3K I’d be surprised. I’m going to give you a business idea that will make you big money.  Start a page that people can link guys that are dicks facebook profile and put them on “the dick list”.  They’ll get a facebook message saying they’ve been put on the dick list. Ironic name considering the name above but great nonetheless. 1995 domain and certainly worth $69 Great product domain.  You could sell both new AND used items. I guess that was pretty obvious Always a radio or TV station sale possible with a four letter dot com that starts in W.  May even get some typo traffic. The term cyber is a bit dated but for $12 you can’t go wrong with this pickup.  Certainly plenty of cyberaddicts in the world. Dot info don’t rank too badly on Google and this term has 323,000 searches Chinese love domains that end in 8

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Wouldnt radio or TV stations have rights to use the “W***” domains since its their FCC call-sign and they’ve been using it in business for a lot longer than we’re owning the domains? Just curious.

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