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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Name Drop and Auction Picks While the end user is limited here the 1994 registration is very nice.  You could always make a childrens site out of it.  DrBob just sounds like a nice guy or a pedophile but I like to be optimistic. VCVCs do well and this one will be no exception. 1995 registration IMO one of the best names to come across in the last couple weeks.  I might have to ask the wife for some cash for this one. I was a sucker for autographed stuff in the 90’s .   If only Mark Grace would have turned out to be like Michael Jordan I would be a wealthy man. The dot net sure brings this one down a bit but people will ALWAYS rent movies.  So you got that goin for ya. The org makes it sound official.  Think of it as a pool builders version of dog walkers.   No bidders so it’s all yours Getting into this school is less about what you’ve done and more about what you’re willing to do in the future.    I’ve heard of some of their top professors, Ron Jeremy and Peter North There is a lot you can do with this domain. I like the gaming angle

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Thanks for the list Shane. Always interesting to find out what domains are becoming available. : )
    BTW: Dr. Bob is one of the founding father’s of Alcoholics Anonymous. Not sure how that would translate into an online business but certainly I would think that would help with traffic stats. Have a great hump day!

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