DSAD Namejet Winter Auction Form

If you would like to participate in the upcoming DSAD Namejet auction, please submit at least one name below along with an auction reserve price for each name. DSAD will review all submissions to determine the final auction list. Please understand that not all submissions will be included in the final list. We are looking for names that have a high probability of selling and reserve prices that are realistic. The final auction commission for names that sell will be 15%. DSAD will market the auction and auction names via the daily DSAD list and through other channels at no additional cost to you.

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Terms: By submitting this form, you agree to the following:
You agree that you currently own the domain names you are submitting and have full rights to sell these names.
You agree that there is no ongoing litigation involving any of the names that you are submitting.
You agree that none of the domains that you are submitting are in a registrar lock period.
Additional terms regarding domain name transfers prior to the auction start date will be provided separately.