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Shane Cultra

The founder of  In 1995 I noticed this wonderful world of domain names but unfortunately I was also in a world of broke. A young man that lived paycheck to paycheck trying to build a career and a business.

I hand registered dozens of domains, each one being worse than the next. For the next 10 years I dabbled until in 2005 I started blogging. I was fortunate enough to have great success, selling two of my sites and giving me the capital to build my domain portfolio with more than hand registered domains.

I now specialize in three categories of domains, plant and garden related domains, one word generic dot coms,  and short 4 letter and under. I have many other types domains but they are more for flipping or development.

As I said, I have been in the domain business since 1995 but didn’t make any good purchases until 2005. I have a good stable of garden names and building quickly. As far as 5Ls, I only buy the highest quality domains and leave the rest of the junk for the dreamers.

For the last 18 years I have been part of a family owned plant business that is my “day” job. I also compete in Ironman triathlons and marathons that add to an already eventful schedule. My future plans involve utilizing my plant domains to sell products I already sell locally. My blog is a way to talk about my opinions of the industry and to discuss my successes and failures in domaining.


I’m a domainer, I guess. Maybe part domainer, part developer, part ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to make it work’ guy.

Let me be clear — I’m no guru. However, I do make my modest living with online stuff….most of it related to domain names and small scale website development.

Why the name ‘accidental’ domainer? Well, I think all domainers fall into the accidental category. No one said ‘I want to be a domainer when I grow up’ when they were in kindergarten….the industry is too young for that.

Personally, I’m probably more of an accidental domainer than most, due to my breathtaking incompetence with technology. My background is in real estate and agriculture. Technology isn’t my thing. However, I love the parallels between real estate and domain names, and my farming background instilled in me the work ethic and determination to figure ‘it’ out.

I haven’t figured ‘it’ out yet, but ‘it’ pays the bills, and I continue to learn something new every day while working for myself. I’ve been playing around with domain names and internet stuff since 2008. Like many others, I read about domains in a Business 2.0 article, thought ‘hey, that looks easy’, registered my share of worthless domains, and started working from there…..


Very good programmer and has as a beard most times


Had a beard once as seen in his profile pic.  Has a daughter and a few cats.  Is a beast at finding available domain names


I have written about domaining at since 2009 and have been involved in several internet related business since that time.  One of the more exciting ventures was the development and day to day operations of and the eventual sale of the name.

I thrive on questioning industry experts and successful end users of generic names.  I’m all about learning what I can and sharing what I learn with anyone willing to read or listen.

I still keep my blog running along with a day job, several side hustles, a podcast (not domain related), and most importantly, a family.

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