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10 End of the Weekend Thoughts

I was just starting to sit down and write my articles for tomorrow’s post but I thought I would put down a few questions that ran through my head today.  As you all know, my mind races with thoughts and ideas all the time.  Here are a few

1. You think Lana Del Rey knows she blew it?  While there’s no such thing as bad publicity, you have to feel bad for her.  She’s getting blasted for everything from bad singing, no stage presence, lying about being raised in a trailer park despite being of a wealthy family, and being given too much fame for such a new artist.  While I knew she had a low end voice, I had no idea that she didn’t have a plan for what she was going to do with her hands while she sang.  The goto move was stroke the hair.

2. Anyone notice that 3D was practically non existent at CES?  My 3D is dead article looks more and more spot on every day.   3D domain prices are falling harder than Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s ratings

3. If the amount of advertisers to the domain blogs are any indication of our industry, it is down.  I’m not positive but I think even Domain Name Wire is running Adsense in some ads.  Not many businesses advertising in our space compared to the past

4. I am wondering how much traffic Adam Dicker will lose to  I know what you’re thinking.  That’s his new blog.  Nope it’s

5. Speaking of his blog.  Did anyone think the articles on the blog by Scott Smith are very off topic for a domain blog  Nuclear Power this, La football named power that.  Really odd.

6. Anyone see the Packers losing?  I didn’t think there was any way they lose.  Thank goodness I don’t bet football anymore.

7.  Today was the least amount of articles I’ve ever seen on  I only saw 5 today.  Domain Gang had more than that yesterday by himself.  They were certainly feeling it yesterday.

8. Did anyone want to see a blogger or more familiar face at the Domainfest “Eat with ” promotion?  Nothing at all against the great people they chose but it would be great to eat with people you read every day. Perhaps Elliot, Ron Jackson, even Berkens again.  Heck if someone wants to do lunch one day I’d love to sit down and get our own table

9. I’m old.  My daughter now has a twitter account.  It would be great if some of you would follow her.  You can drop her later but I thought it would be funny if she instantly got 50 more followers.   Here is her page.   I have no idea what the rufus is.  We call her crazy libby because all the crazy things she’s done.

10.  Anyone else notice the girlscout cookie sales never end?  Every time you try and diet, someone at work, or some neighbor comes and sells you three boxes of thin mints at $4 a piece.  Two hours later there’s a box gone and you’re 1800 calories heavier.

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15 Replies to “10 End of the Weekend Thoughts”

  1. Berkens, Frager, Silver & Fusible are sold out with a wait lost for ad spots. I think what you are seeing is a decline in ads for parking because one guy, who needs no advertising at all and passes the savings on to his clients, put all the others out of business.

  2. I noticed 3D is dying at CES, but I did notice some guy names Shane Cultra was right in 2010 about 4K technology, it headlined CES 2012.

  3. RE: #1) I don’t think LDR blew it at all. It was great exposure for her, a good experience, and people are talking about her. Her career is just beginning, so there’s really no where she can go but up.

    RE: #8) I don’t have much I could add aside from what I post on my blog, and if anyone wants me to answer a domain question, I have a site for that.

    RE: #3) I probably don’t charge enough for ad space on my blog. I’d rather keep pricing where it’s at and keep a full roster of advertisers though.

  4. I earned a penny from Adsense on the other day. Alan once said if you aren’t that guy with the purple tie, you probably aren’t making much with your domain blog.

  5. I picked all 4 playoff game winners, took second in the office’s college bowl pickem, and won my 12 team fantasy league. When you’re good you’re good~

    I think this post would make a good series here btw (your thoughts, not my bragging).

  6. *

    I think Lana Del Rey is a lovely girl who seemed a bit nervous on her SNL appearance. She has a low, husky voice that will only get stronger with time and more exposure in the national eye.

    IMO, she is a much better singer than those little whiny, nasal girls that are so popular right now–a breath of fresh air, actually.

    She has a bright future, but if she (or her publicist) is fibbing about her background, then that’s not a postive sign for her career growth.

    I think it’s best being honest about one’s background; there is no shame in coming from a wealthy background.


  7. *

    One more thing: I just heard that a glasses-free 3d TV is coming out. Now if they can lick that motion sickness/ headache side effect, then, perhaps, the 3d domain craze will pick up again.



  8. She brought it! I thought Lana del Rey aka Lizzie Grant was great! Based on the nbc video . . . I have tears.
    Lana needs to quit smoking and take care of her voice, or look forward to a short career. Can’t stand when singers – such as Joni Mitchell – disrespect their god-given talent and lose their voice young. Only smoking made Nat King Cole’s voice better, but then he died young.

  9. Found the link to Blue Jean, your favorite song:

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