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10 Things I Look For In Life

Christmas time with my family always gets me to thinking.  I don’t know much,  but I do think I know how to get the most out of life.  It’s not a life of retirement in an exotic place but rather a “real” life of a guy that has to put in 60 hour work weeks, raise a family and love a wife, be part of my community, and find time to do hobbies and keep my body in shape to do all of the above.   I’ll often get customers that will comment that I look like I really enjoy my job.  What they don’t realize is I enjoy my life.  Why,  because I consciously think about what I want out of it and every once in a while think about how I want to live it.  Here a few of my “wants” from life.

1. To make enough money to have the things I want but to temper my wants and needs.

2. To spend as much time with my wife and family as possible doing things we enjoy together. To build individual relationships with each one while at the same time trying to find time to be alone to gather my thoughts and think.

3. To do things now that when I turn 60 I would have wished I had done when I was younger.

4. To make good friends and have good times together.  To create memories and share stories.  The beauty of friends is you get to choose them.

5. To try and make the world a little bit better and if I fail,  try and raise a great daughter that will do her part and make up for mine.

6. To exercise my body and mind to keep them in top shape in order to get the most out of each day.

7. To create a financial entity that will enable me and my family the ability to work for ourselves and to provide a working environment for others that is not only financially rewarding, but just as important, a positive and healthy working environment that has no ceilings

8. To acknowledge people that help me.  To say “thank you”  to those that help,  ” I love you” to those that I do, and to remind those around me that I appreciate them letting me be a part of their lives. To tell the people that are negative and trouble to “fuck off”

9. To make humor a part of every day life.  A day without laughter is a hard day.  It’s possible to work hard and be serious and still get in a laugh or two.

10.  Don’t spend all my money on shitty domains.

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5 Replies to “10 Things I Look For In Life”

  1. Excellent words to live by Shane – I think that you’ve pretty much nailed it! Have a great 2011 – with that attitude you can only have (and deserve!) more and more success! 😉

  2. Well said. If it weren’t Christmastime I’d be jealous and sarcastic, but it is, so I won’t.

    Thanks for all your great posts this year – looking forward to 2011 and learning a lot!

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