156.com at Auction With 529 Bids and Already at $52,000

Jan 14 2011

And expected to go MUCH higher. 156.com is presently at auction at 4.cn and has a little over 2 and half days left until it becomes a top sale of the month.  4.cn (a sponsor of this site) has become THE leading numeric domain seller in the world and is easily China’s largest domain seller.  According to Bonnie Wu, a representative for 4.cn, “ I believe the ending price will be even higher.  Chinese domainers prefer 1NN.com. What’s more, China Unicom’s (one of China’s largest mobile operators) phone number begins with 156. 156.com could be used as mobile internet related website. Mobile internet is really hot recently”.

In Asia it is commonplace to have companies using numeric domains as websites. Entire brands are built on numbers.  The result is a frenzy over highly desired numeric domains.  To prove the incredible prices they are reaching, just look at the current prices of numeric domain auctions ending in the next week. And again these still haven’t even reached the last minute bidding which drives up the price

080.com $30,300

8999.com $7514

5535.com $4300

3777.com $5692

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  1. Andy Booth

    Good article Shane. That really sucks, because I was the old owner of 156.com and sold it for just $39,500 to the current Chinese owner. Guess he was one step ahead of me. I wish him luck with the sale.

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