Domain Spotlight: Buys To Create a New International Platform

The representatives of reached out to me today to announce that they had indeed purchased DomainInvesting had an article suggesting that they had purchased the name that was being brokered by Michael McConville
of Domain Holdings.

It was not purchased for a client but rather to create a brand new platform that targets a larger international audience. Presently they concentrate on the Chinese market but realize there is a much larger market that needs to be reached and was the perfect name on which to build that platform.

The purchase price? $560,000

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8 Replies to “ Buys To Create a New International Platform”

  1. Domain Holdings reported that they got offers very close to the asking price. Hmmmm. Asking price was $750,000 – right? Just another proof that DH is blah-blah full of s#!&s broker.

    1. Mike,

      Domain Holdings is one of the best around. I think it was a great sale and great buy. Buy the way, how are your ebay domain sales coming along?

  2. Nice write-up.
    Sounds like they got it for a great price and will do great things with it.

  3. @Shane – I never ever had any domain listed with ebay, Am I missing something here?

  4. I think I am the Mike that Shane was referring to, from Toronto Canada. Whats with the Ebay jab? Anyways, its going great, I have up right now and there is alot of interest.

  5. bidding activity looks a little shady lol. I’ll register a few hundred of them if you can duplicate the results 😉

  6. 560k is about 75% of the asking price which of course could be subject to discussion if that’s close to the asking price or not. In the end we all want a broker that works hard and creates some buzz and demand around your premium domain and although i agree with Mike that 75% is not VERY close but close enough to leverage the offer to create more interest. It certainly is close to asking price IMO.

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