Aug 13 2015

I wanted to talk about something today and I am not sure how it is going to go over because of Shane’s call to action this morning. So I will start off with a disclaimer. Although I may talk about certain products I am not suggesting or condoning their use or consumption.

That being said I want to go on record and say that Blue M&M’s are the best Tasting M&M there is. I will not be swayed on this opinion. And If you say Brown is because it is the natural color of chocolate I will not stand for it. Now that we got that out of the way I can tell you that about a week ago I decided to stop drinking soda and eating junk food. This could be why I am talking about M&Ms… What is my favorite kind of M&M you ask? The peanut butter ones. Duh.


HRExpert.com Every company has an Human Resources department. I may be biased because my wife is a HR Expert. 18 years old

HRExpert.com: $1,549. Would be a great name for a resume site.

GoldX.com I think throwing an X at the back works. An inexpensive way of keeping the keyword intact but still memorable. Although this one is not that inexpensive with all the bidders. 18 years old

GoldX.com: $3,650. Gold prices are way up. Not a bad name to have.

TeenX.com Not nearly as good as GoldX but still the same concept

TeenX.com: $1,225. Because people want gold. No one wants a teen.

EndlessMoney.com No bidders. I don’t know the value but I like the concept. 16 years old

EndlessMoney.com: $160. Story of my life! This is actually not true.

DrivingTest.org I mentioned a few days ago how much I like this one. Perfect for the dot org and lots of money to be made IMO

DrivingTest.org: $3,700. My wife needs to take a parking test. Not a bad name or extention for it.

TMNN.com The double N is highly valued in the southeast part of China. Annnnnnnnd I just made that up

TMNN.com: $405. To Many NN’s. Boom.

CastingCallSearch.com We’ve seen from the site sale on Flippa that this is a great way to meet girls willing to send in naked pictures. Not my style but it’s somebody’s. Getting quite a few bids and I’m guessing that may be the reason

CastingCallSearch.com: $565. That is lame. This could be a big directory though. Have aspiring actors and actresses sign up for a newsletter.

SleepySams.com An upgrade name for a few places of the same name

SleepySams.com: $148. I am imaging a place you go to take power naps and I love it.

ZBYC.com One of the few on the board today with no vowels or V. And therefore doing well

ZBYC.com: $405. Zulu Bravo Yankee Charlie.


KGA.com All comes down to the reserve

KGA.com: Auction ended unsold at $14,200. Keller Greenwood and Associates.

Gory.com Typical Brannan name. High quality, high reserve

Gory.com: Auction ended unsold at $4,050. This has been up a few times and never sold.

TYK.com Was supposed to close today but sold by BIN. Think it was a good buy?

TYK.com: Sold by Buy It Now $16,000. If the description is to be believed then Yes! Description: “TYK.com – the best 3 letter domain!”

11600.com Worth more than the $50 bid. Don’t like the “will close deal through Sedo” instructions. Love Sedo

11600.com: Auction has ended Reserve not met $400. Surprised Flippa lets that fly. That is lame. I wouldn’t bid on it for that.


InternetDiscounts.com Everyone uses the Internet to find a better price. Give it to them. Coupon code site waiting to happen

InternetDiscounts.com: $393. A little long but a solid discount name.

NHK.net 17 years old. All good Chinese letters. Actually English letters the Chinese like

NHK.net: $1,311. Can be anyone’s letters for the right price including yours if you are bidding.

TemporaryRentals.com I don’t like this at all. Just wanted to say this is what a rental is. A temporary use. Makes no sense at all. So should hit four figures

TemporaryRentals.com: $69. I bought this. it is a little long but people looking for a short term lease or a vacation rental like on VRBO? I can make money on this.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

OnlineJobs.com Big boy domain. Who wouldn’t like to work from home doing very little making a lot of money. Good job if you can find it and still be able to keep your clothes on

OnlineJobs.com: The clothes thing is optional right?

OHH.com Going to need to bring your checkbook for this one

OHH.com: NameJet accepts checks? Whats a checkbook?

Coww.com How a cow says cow

Coww.com: You remember that cow in the tornado in the movie twister? Haha.

iCopyrights.com I said I don’t like I names but this one is different. I like this one a lot. Works with this name IMO

iCopyrights.com: I like these… In some instances.

Reclamation.org Building reclamation is a million dollar industry. They come in and resell everything. Even the old bricks. And they all play it as a non profit (with nice salaries) Under $25 at press time

Reclamation.org: It is surprising what some of the higher ups at non profits make. I like this name a lot. Just sounds bad ass.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

OnlineJobs.com $241,000

OHH.com $164,000

KGA.com $114,000

TYK.com $79,000

Gory.com $44,000

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  1. ShaneCultra

    Peanut MnMs have protein in the middle so regardless of color they are on the Shane diet. Magnum ice cream bars as well. Of course you have to run 10 miles a day to keep the V frame going after consumption

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