Sep 03 2015

I have to be up in 6 and a half hours and in the last 2 nights together I might have 7 hours of sleep. I have been So busy lately that I have not been as focused on my domains. I have a pretty small portfolio though so I am not too worried about it. I will get a handle on things pretty quick and then I can start outbounding some domains again. I also need to get real with myself and drop some of the crap I have. I will also be putting a few on Flippa really soon. Hope the week is going well for everyone.


JRB.net Crossed the four figure mark. 17 years old. I think this is worth more next year. My opinion only

JRB.net: $1,686. Just Run Better.

iFarmer.com Not a big i name fan but I liked this one for the price. Only one bidder at $12

iFarmer.com: $810. Kinda cool because it is a statement. I like my I names to sound techie.

SaveOnYourLoans.com Millions of people want to. Getting some nice bids

SaveOnYourLoans.com: $405. Take up domain investing and be good at it. Pay your loans off early and then you will save.

93723.com Almost to $1000 and climbing. I think you’ll wish you bought it this time next year. Others don’t agree so don’t take me word on it. I’m only posting it so I can tell you I told you so. And if it doesn’t go up I’ll just say you bought the domain, not me.

93723.com: $960. you really covered your bases there.

CloudKeep.com Solid cloud name for under $100

CloudKeep.com: $493. Oooo is this the place where the keep and protect the clouds Bet Al Gore had a hand in that!

SteeringWheelSkins.com Enough ads and results to build out a site. Under $25 at press time

SteeringWheelSkins.com: $162. Solid buy. build a site work it for a few months and sell it on Flippa for all the monies.

uCase.com Didn’t like this at first but then I realized ever gadget sitting on my desk had a case

uCase.com: $898. 3k to 8k retail… could be more if you say no a lot.


DomainFlips.com Ends today. Its what we all are trying to get. Good domain blog or site name

DomainFlips.com:Auction ended unsold $400. Perfect for either.

Please take these next comments constructively.

Ornithology.com The study of birds. Most people don’t know this so not doing as well as it deserves. PR5

Ornithology.com: (Not over yet…Bin is at 45k). The comps are terrible. There is like 7 different types of domains represented in the comps list. On another note I checked out the sellers web design site and it looks great. Really nice work.


Westland.com 20 years old and countless things with this name. Its all about possible buyers and this one has lots of them

Westland.com: $16,200 Love it.

TDomain.com This is probably the best crowd to push this one. 17 years old

TDomain.com: $314. Meh. I am not a huge fan of this.

s5y.com I haven’t talked about the LNL.coms lately but they still go for an average of $250 on Godaddy

s5y.com: $210. This is a street term. “Stay 5 Yo” and I just made that up.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Chilvary.com Been told it didn’t exist yet here it is up for sale

Chilvary.com: Not dead just rare.

VMVV.com Throw in an M and save $100K

VMVV.com: If I had 100k I would do stuff with it.

L88.net Would be a $10K name if it were a dot com

L88.net: Lima 88. Sounds like a call sign.

1495.net Could hit $400

1495.net: If you list it they will come.

EBYJ.com 10 years old. Bad Scrabble letters so valuable

EBYJ.com: Everybody Yell for Juice!

WSAD.com Ends in a few days but my favorite LLLL.com on the list

WSAD.com: What Should Aaron Do?

866066.com Under $50 would be a good buy IMO

866066.com: lots O sixs. Not bad.

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