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I was recently doing some research on sales when evaluating a potential portfolio acquisition, and came across a great chart at, which is shown below with the permission of the site owner.


It shows pricing for quad premium’s back to 2007, with a huge spike up to around $350 in 2008, a dip to between mostly $100 – $150 from 2009 until last year, and a recent significant upward shift to the $200+ range.

Russell Panella is the owner of the site, and cautioned that GoDaddy’s decision to stop showing sold domains in December of last year can result in a small sample size, and sharper than normal spikes. However, the general upward trend in pricing from the end of 2012 to today is evident.

Shane has talked about 4L’s extensively, including in his 2015 forecast, where he said in part, “I am on the BUY side and think everyone should have 5 to 10% in LLLL.coms in their portfolio” and “All LLLL.coms regardless of letter quality have some value. Figuring out which one is better than the rest is still the big mystery. Everyone has their own formula but guarantee that most can’t come within 10% of where an auction will finish.”

Following that recent uptick in pricing and popularity, Sedo is currently running a dedicated auction, with 33 domains available and the auction ending tomorrow. All of the domains have a reserve below $500. Currently, only one has met reserve, while 15 more have bids. A sample of those domains:

In addition, in Sedo’s regular marketplace auctions, a couple domains have hit higher prices and their reserves are met, such as and

If you’re in the mood for even more, there are dozens of them currently for sale at no reserve in a portfolio auction over at NameJet, including,,, and many more.

Of course, most of the domains listed above are better than the ‘average’ domain, and there are plenty that sell under $100 every week……..with the minimum wholesale pricing for low quality’s probably closer to $30.

However, it’s fun to check out the highest priced domains that are selling every now and then, and with a quick NameBio search, I looked at some of the pricier recently reported sales, and a sample is listed below. My predictive abilities certainly fall into the category of Shane’s comment, “most can’t come within 10% of where an auction will finish”. – $75,000 – DomainNameSales – $70,000 – DomainNameSales – $50,000 – Sedo – $35,000 – DomainNameSales – $17,500 – DomainNameSales – $15,000 – Sedo – $14,500 – Sedo – $13,000 – DomainNameSales – $10,000 – NameJet – $10,000 – Sedo – $8,000 – DomainNameSales – $7,950 – Sedo – $6,766 – GoDaddy – $5,605 – DomainNameSales – $5,059 – DropCatch – $5,004 – NameJet – $4,964 – DropCatch – $4,100 – NameJet – $4,000 – DomainNameSales

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