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5 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Not a strong day for drops.  Most of the domains I found today aren’t very good keyword domains but still some nice names.  I may throw in a few available names to hand register starting tomorrow as well.  All the emails I’ve been getting seems to point to the most popular names I put up being the cheaper finds.  The names with 67 bidders usually go to the big boys. dropping I have wanted this domain ever since I got sick on the those orange puffy treats.  You may have to fight me on this.  I am going to be the circus peanut King. A nice domain with 400 monthly hits.  A great iphone app or Twitter program name A nice clean number.  Only 7 bidder so this one may go reasonable Another brandable domain but perfect for a drop search site. With all the buzz on url shortening this one is a perfect fit.  Not dropping but ending today on Sedo

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