50 Cent LITERALLY is the Worst “Pitch” Man Ever: As Seen in this Video

May 27 2014

As you read over at OnlineDomains, 50 cent is a pitchman for .club via his site 50inda.club but flubbed up the pitch and called it dot com. This video that not only can he not pitch dot club, but straight up can’t pitch. He may have thrown the worst first pitch in history. Let’s hope be got a piece of the action of dot club like he did with Vitamin Water because his baseball career is not going anywhere

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  1. Jim

    What’s more hilarious is that the author is worse! Making fun of someone screwing up and writing 50centinda.club instead of 50inda.club. You’re a genius! Hello “Kettle”, this is the “Pot”, ytou’re “Black”. Ha Ha Ha!

    1. Post author


      The fact everyone including myself can’t get the url correct says less about me than it does about the url. Either way that throw was awful

  2. Jim

    I put DomainerShane.com and .club and DomainShark.com and .club into the address bar, and it turns out that my opinion of a good address or tld wasn’t the discerning factor in getting to where I wanted, just getting it right was. Hmmm.

  3. Mobi

    Agree that he is a horrible “pitch man”!

    50 will always be remembered by me as the man who single handedly brought down the only gtld that may have otherwise had a chance to survive.

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