6 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 22 2009

Some great value on the board the last couple days.  I’ve picked up some great flips and names for minisites.  Here are a few that I like for today

DCSS.net Surprisingly, this one has no bidders but gets 2400 searches and a $1.40 CPC.  Valuate at $1600

elix.com Nice pronounceable 4L that also gets some traffic.  With 22 bidders this one my finish pricey. Valuate $2900

WanderleiSilva.com This one may kill you if you register it.  No, not a lawyer but Wanderlei himself.  He’s a UFC fighter and great guy.  Met him a few weeks ago in Portland and although he’s shorter than I expected he can still kill me in a matter of minutes. I suggest you register it and give it back to him.

RefinanceMyCar.com HUGE $24 CPC and 1600 searches makes this a nice name. 4 bidders counting me.

AlcoholAbuseTreatment.net $15 CPC and 3500 searches make this $25 investment worth it.  Valuate has it over $1K

TwitterHelp.com 1200 searches and climbing.  Anything Twitter is hot and this might make it get pricey.  This pricey is not 65 bidder Namejet pricey though

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