7 Thursday Thoughts

Oct 17 2013

I think too much so I’ll share

1.  I’m not sure if I should take it as a compliment or an insult.  I’ve had several fellow domain investors endorse me on LinkedIn for gardening skills……but not domain investing.  I guess they are trying to tell me something.  I shouldn’t but I’m taking it as an insult but I will now be endorsing them for various life skills like bolt loosening and lock deicing .

2.  I wish I had the money to be invested in one of the new gTlds.   I was part of an early investment group that was thinking of applying for a new tlds.  It was a local group and we had the names picked out and the money lined up.   Both names would have been contested and would probably have given us a buyout or a complete loss.  I pulled out because financially I didn’t have enough money to take the risk.  I can risk some money but I can’t risk ALL of it,  and at that point in time it would have been all of my free cash.  Unfortunately when I was 18 there was no Internet, I didn’t create some million dollar company, and merely worked just to make gas money.  But don’t worry, when I make a ton of money I will invent the greatest rags to riches story you’ve ever heard.  Maybe how I picked up sticks in the park, put them in a shredder, added a natural dye and became a millionaire mulch distributor that put all his money into domains.

3.  It’s been so long since it’s happened, but I realize the money you can make running a successful business trumps almost anything else.  Yes you can make a lot of money selling domains, playing sports, working for someone else. But if you want to make big boy money you own the company that pays everyone out.  And when it’s all said and done you usually have an asset that can be sold.  So you made profits AND you get to sell the profit maker at the end.  

4. I don’t understand what the hell I’m getting if I were to sign up for a preregistration on one of these new gTlds.  Nothing against .xyz, it’s actually one of my favorite new gTLDs but I’ll use them because I was just there.  I see that I can sign up for a name but when, how, and where is the timeframe that names will be give out?  All it does is give them an idea of what names to hold back based on all the inquiries.  Is anyone that signs up for the name going to get them at registration prices?  I do like the shirts for xyz and .college though, not willing to pay for any of them but living in a college town the .college shirt would go over well.

5.  What do you do with the money if you sell a domain for a million dollars?  You really can’t spend it all on more domains without buying big ticket names and lots of them.  If it were me I would diversify.  Regardless of how much you think domains will continue to grow in value, good money management tells you to take some of your wealth and diversify and/or move some assets into a lower risk category.   I hope it’s an article I’ll be able to write someday but in the mean time we’ll have to wait on Rick

6.  DomainIncite and DomainInvesting are going to have to fight it out to see who uses the DI avatar.  Visually too close for these old eyes on the domaining.com feed.  Yeah they are different colors but I’m colorblind.  I only see green

7.  I have gotten more advertising inquiries in the last week than I have in the last year. The companies/people that have signed up are not any of the new tlds but I have 7 others that have expressed interest that may be.  Regardless, if little old me is getting interest then this bodes well for the industry.  I’m guessing it’s because the big boys are all filled up.  That is except for old Ron, he seems to find a spot for everyone above the fold over at DnJournal.  Somehow he found room for 9 ads which is still the modern day record.

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  1. Wayne

    I would think (item #1 in your post)that gardening is countlessly more valuable as an industry than domaining…
    and I’m a domainer.

  2. Raymond Hackney

    Good post, #4 is spot on, I have had people who saw the 1 and 1 commercial, non domainers, ask me what am I getting ? Or when do I pay, I want that name.

    You are right it just gives info on what to hold back and reserve for a premium auction.

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