A Fellow Champaign Urbana Resident Shahid Khan Featured on 60 Minutes

Oct 30 2012

As most of you know, I am a resident of Champaign Urbana Illinois (and owner of ChampaignUrbana.com) . My family settled near here 150 years ago and despite me leaving to pursue other dreams, I was drawn back to live, grow a business, and raise a family. When I first moved here I thought my goals would be contained by living in a small community but soon realized that was the opposite of true. A college town is a gate to the world. A gate of youth, new ideas, an endless pool of brilliant minds live in our city. So it’s no coincidence we have several people that are some of the wealthiest people in the nation that live here in town. Not one, but several. One of the men is Shahid Khan. I learned of his story because I have friends that work for him and our company also helps him with his home and his business. His is a story that should inspire everyone. Especially those in Champaign Urbana or college towns. Inspire because it proves you can start from nothing and build….anywhere. It takes time, in Khan’s case 40 years, but he built a fortune of billions and used that fortune to do what many of us have always dreamed. Buying a pro sports franchise. It’s been a real pleasure watching this all unfold over the last 20 years. All I have to do is pass by his house or pass by his company Flex-n-Gate, which I do every day, to remind me that all is possible. And all is possible while being kind, generous, and having a smile on your face 90% of the day.

This weekend 60 minutes did a piece on Shahid Khan and you’ll see a glimpse of what we in Champaign Urbana have been able to enjoy for years.

For those without Flash,here is the link

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  1. mark4179

    For those who dont know, jags’ owner Shahid Khan is a “Paki” guy (which means Pakistani/South Asian Indian). Check the meaning of “Paki” in the “thefreedictionary”

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