A Few Domains Dropping Today: Congratulations Alabama

Jan 08 2010

PowerWalking.com Ask any Grandpa at the mall, he’ll tell you all about it.

CuteBaby.net 27,000 searches is a good amount.  Even a dot net is worth a $10 investment

Softballbat.net Big searches 22,000 and tons of affiliate links possible.  No bidders

VehicleRefinancing.com 8,000 searches and $14 CPC make this worth the $70.  No bidders as of this morning

BusinessGames.net If cookinggames.com is worth 350K then this do net is certainly worth $20.  Nice $2 plus CPC

Applz.com typo or app site.  You be the judge.  No bidders

Flyfone.com Not a ton of searches but valuate and I agree this is a nice name.

And a few nice ones over at Bido.com

Hiqo.com A real nice CVCV and I’ll take……I mean the seller may take less than the reserve

Forty.net Nice round number and I hear it’s the new 50

RatedG.com A perfect name for a kid’s site.

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