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A Few Interesting Articles I Enjoyed From Around the Net

I had a little time this weekend and found these articles that I thought were pretty good. Let me know what you thing

Great article on Josh Metnick and and his monetization of the domain.

Get past the fact that most of the names aren’t that good, it’s a very interesting look into the practice of picking a name by startups.  Almost all of them are based on whether or not they can get the dot com

Google is try to protect personalized search and the return is your analytics is returning a (not provided) for many of your visitors, leaving you wondering what brought your customers

As a parent of a 12 year old I know this kid is mature beyond his years.  At the same time I feel a “forced” adulthood in his speech and he seems to be trying to copy Steve Jobs.  But he is still amazing for his age

I love looking back at the past and this isn’t too far back.  Some are still going strong and others……….not as popular as they were in 2007

Numbers are too big for me to even dream about.  I like to think I can make a few million but in reality I’m not going to create the world’s biggest social platform so I just smile when I read it.

People that say that money isn’t the key to life usually have plenty of it

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2 Replies to “A Few Interesting Articles I Enjoyed From Around the Net”

  1. I wonder what will happen when startups and new companies run out of mid-tier .com’s to register? All the best .com’s are taken for the most part, now typos and hacks are going, what will be left in a few years?

  2. This partial Article Title – Resonates Best With Me – – –

    5 Reasons Why Money CAN Buy You Happiness

    For Me:
    1. Less stress on being sure all my responsibilities are cared for…

    2. Able to provide for others when I see a need – I can’t do everything for everyone – but from time to time when a NEED
    comes to my attention (from my own outreaching) – it feels good
    to be able to make a difference in someone’s life… We are all only here on this earth a short time – My time is running out and I like to do what I can – when I can… while I can… (God has Blessed Me — and I pass that on. . . )

    3. Enables me to provide Research Funds for things that
    touch my heart…

    4. Enables me to provide for my family long after I am gone…

    5. Feeds and Clothes 5 families + per year…

    Wishing all Health and Happiness…
    ~Patricia Kaehler – Ohio USA – DomainBELL

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