A Few Names I Like At Auction or Dropping Today

Feb 10 2011

There’s been a noticeable drop in activity in the domaining world this week.  I don’t know if it’s the DomainFest hangover/flu or people are just a little domained out.  It was also easy to see who is crazy.  Some of these blogs have been all over the place.  One minute they have this personality, the next,  a completely different side.   These schizophrenic posts are confusing.   With the other bloggers not posting as much, the crazies stand out even more.  Hey, then again, maybe it’s just me and my 4 hour shots of Theraflu.  Let’s get to some good names

MemoryCards.net 562,000 searches is a hell of a lot of searches.  Won’t go cheap but a great dot net

Faucets.org 249,000 searches which would seem like a lot unless you’re following memory cards

GardenLights.org I install landscape lighting, just don’t buy garden lighting domains

Hairdryers.org My wife can’t enter the public world without hers

Alagna.com A fairly popular last name and I know of one domainer that is probably going to be going after this pretty heavily

AirBra.com Yes there is such thing.  Victoria Secret even sells one.  Pump it up!

Analyze.net 91,000 searches $18,000 estibot

Collapsed.com One of those domains that we all know the word but not quite sure how to monetize it.

Yonda.com A city, a name, and a 5L.  You may not think it’s that great of name but there are already 54 bidders

FSX.net Decent three letter dot net

Crackwhore.net I’d buy this just for the comedic email address possibilites

TheDishes.com Tag Line  “Time to do The Dishes……dot com”

CakeRecipe.net Ummmm cakes

GiftBoxes.net I’m more interested in the gift than the box but ladies sure aren’t

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  1. Clay Burt

    You weren’t kidding about throwing in more keyword/products… and some pretty nice ones. I still like some of the other gems though especially the crackho.

  2. Michael

    Still can’t kick that flu huh? Have you tried Jameson? ; )

    Always gets it out of me, one way or another. (Ever been on the toilet and threw up simultaneously?) Haaahaaa. I should start a blog with off the cuff humor. I really have a sick mind, that was nothing. Besides the fact that I’ve been there a few times in my life and really dont plan on revisiting.

    I’ve owned my name in the .com for a while now, just no time to start a blog yet. Too many side projects.

    Good names today Shane, thanks as always!

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