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A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning: And A Great Giveaway

There are a ton of great names dropping today. Way too many to list.  I’m saving money for the TRAFFIC auction and Vegas.  Speaking of which.  I am giving away a $20 Pull at Vegas to the person that comes the closest to the final price of auction ending in two day.  It’s presently at $630 but bound to go higher.  The Winner will get $20 that will be put into a slot maching (in any domination you want ,$1 at a time or all $20) while I’m at TRAFFIC.  I’ll try and get someone else at the conference to verify it. The winner will be sent the money via paypal after TRAFFIC.  So Post your guess in the comments. I’ll be doing a few of these in the next week. Will be almost 200 bidders on this one.  Better bring the big checkbook if you want this one I don’t need the domain but boy do I need the rejuvenator.  I’d gladly pay $1000 for the domain if it will grow hair.  A few bids and not too many searches but still a nice name Could be used for a ton of different sites.  Old cars, marathon runners. Diet domains are good money with nice CPC ($1.19)  18K searches and $16,000 valuations. A great place to start an organization and talk about the good old days when they used to be a top ten team. Huge possibilities with this name and no bidders.  There’s money laying on the table with this one.

You can find all these names easily with  Only $1 to test drive it for the next week

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9 Replies to “A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning: And A Great Giveaway”

  1. A typo already. is the domain at auction.
    Not good for the future owner…

    I will not be at traffic since I don’t earn 1,000 a month domaining,
    and would not want to waste anyones time.

    But for fun I will guess $5,600

    I think the new owner will do fine. I just don’t take my time typing things out. I need to sloooooooow down

    1. is the domain being auctioned at namejet if anyone wants to change their bids. If Chef wins I’ll just order a $20 drink when the Colts win

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