A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Mar 22 2010

My last free weekend was great.  Got a 20 mile and 12 mile run for marathon training in but all hell breaks loose this week as our stores start being open on weekends.  I also have a speech on Saturday where I open up for one of the Home Improvement guys from TLC and fill in host for a local television show that normally I just am co-host this Thursday.   Big week ahead.  Hoping to buy and sell some names to make it all that more exciting.  Now onto the names.

ForexCalculator.com Big name, big price.  Forex domains always fetch good prices and this one will be no different.

YellowHandbag.com I’m not saying everyone should invest in these but I love color then clothing domains.  They seem to sell for good prices and get plenty of searches

GotMovies.com Not very many searches and no present value but good brandable name and certainly worth $25

BirdsandBees.com Plenty of searches for this one.  Good adult site?

TheBistro.com I imagine there are plenty of restaurants named this.  46 bidders so won’t be cheap but worth a few thousand

Chuckie.net No bidders but thousands of searches.  Estibot at $2000

There are plenty more great names today and remember……….It’s easy to find names using DomainStryker.com

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