A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 17 2009

Again, very few good value names dropping today.  Another short list but you can’t make money everyday……….actually you can

FirstNationalBank.com Already receiving write ups about all the traffic it gets. Over a 100 bidders. It’s going to be a big boy auction and I bid just to watch it live. Maybe the other 100 people did as well and I’ll get it for 1K.

Alligatorwallet.com HUGE sales in Florida on this one.  I like the plural better and ironically alligatorwallets.net is up or at Snapnames

webdesignfinder.com A great website waiting to be built.  Many people are looking for good web designers and web designers are willing to pay for new customers.  Why not put them together? Would have gone cheap with only a few bidders if it weren’t for the power of my daily find nice names posts.

hepavac.com With 450 searches and an almost $5 CPC, this one could go for a good value with only 8 bidders.

imdating.com Dating pays well.  Valuate has this at $1600 but presently at $115

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