A Few Nice Names Dropping Today: Last Chance to Win A Million Dollars

I’m not guaranteeing you’re going to win a million dollars but you have a chance.  The person who guesses the closest to the ending price of Faster.net (in auction at Sedo) will win a $20 pull on the slots in Vegas during Traffic.  The winner will get the resulting winnings sent to them via paypal.  You are responsible for the taxes on the car or the million, whichever you win.  Now on to the domains dropping today.

I found all these names with DomainStryker.com.  Only $1 to test drive it for the next week

CompleteAuto.com Not a whole lot of searches but a great company name.  Valuate $2300

HCA.net One of the stronger three letter dot nets to fall in a while

Zana.net Some people like CVCV dot nets because they are cheaper.  This is a nice one but of course I’d absolutely love to own the dot com

SunsetBeach.org Great geo with 22K searches

Domain of the Day: