A Look at a Few Sales Over at 4.cn and How They Can Help You Make Better Buys

Dec 30 2013

The Chinese domain market continued to thrive this year and for many like me, provided an interesting opportunity to take a look at what the “other” billions of people in the world are spending their money on.   Here are a few interesting sales( combined with my opinions) that may provide some opportunity to flip between markets

694.org  $313   While $300 may not seem like a big deal, over the past few years, the Chinese have been reluctant to buy numeric dot orgs.  They had little to no value there.  But I am starting to notice the prices climbing.  Even a NNN with a 4 at the end has some decent value.

9888.org   $321   Same thing here except one more digit.  But this does end in the most desirable 3 letters you can have. 888.  Actually surprised it didn’t go a little higher.  In my opinion this was an excellent buy using the trends I’m seeing.

5311.com  $8403   Not sure what it tells us other than NNNN.coms with good letters continue to grow in value. Still loving that call from Ryan Colby about NNNN.coms peaking

9522.com  $8403   Trying to figure out what “good letters” mean?  Evidently it means repeating letters at the end in these two cases

BBS.us  $560  I didn’t know that there was even a dot us market over at 4.cn

MMVV.com $2242  I think I have been selling my “collectible” LLLL.coms in the wrong place.  The repeating letters seem to be doing well here

BBBF.com  $445  but not always

Son.cc $288  Dot cc has a market here.  Usually a few sales a week over the $250 and up range.

03.LA  $494    Super short or great word dot LA have a market here.  I have been watching it but still haven’t quite figured out what I need to pay to flip it,  but I’m getting closer to pricing them with each sale.

55151.com  $544  Because NNNN.coms have gotten so expensive the 5N.com market is picking up.  It’s tough to figure out which domains have value but if you do, there are quite a few that go in the $500 range

0802.com  $4614   NNNN.coms that start in zero used to be less desirable.  Less desirable is now over $4K each with 8s and no 4s

Spider.cn  $2669  It’s hard to own a dot cn, but English words seem to do very well.  Proves yet again that English is THE world language.

228.cc $1648   NNN.cc have been doing very well.  Especially those with 8 at the end

123456788.com  $165  I’m never surprised what numbers will sell

ZJPY.com  $545  And then there are the names you just don’t know why.  This would have gone for $50 on Godaddy

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  1. Aaron

    Shane, I’ve never followed 4.cn. Let’s take the 4 NNNN.com’s you list as an example —- do you expect there would be a difference in the sales price of those domains sold at 4.cn vs NameJet?

    Is it dependent upon the type of name? I see your comment about the differential in ZJPY.com if sold at GD.

    1. Post author


      I do think there is a difference. There’s a difference between Flippa, Namejet, and Godaddy. I have to admit I don’t completely understand why certain things go for more money and am always trying to figure out patterns and consistency.Some of the results have nothing to do with the auction house but who saw the auction and how they bid. You can run an auction 5 times in a row and I don’t think any would end at the same price. So adding another auction house to watch can’t hurt I admit, 4.cn is more difficult to work with. It is also very difficult to move names out of a few of the Chinese registrars. I used to have a great customer service rep named Michael there but he has left. I have not established a relationship with a new person over there but having help navigating the language and the site is a key. But like all things in business, mastering something that everyone else struggles with is good for making money.

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