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And THIS Is Why I Write a Blog……For the Swag

It takes a lot of effort and time to put down your daily thoughts, ideas, and information into a written word.  Some do it for the money, some do it to stimulate the mind, but me…….I do it for the swag.

Over the last 5 years of blogging I’ve received some pretty nice gifts.  Wine from Rick Latona, a years supply of Fat Tire from New Belgium Brewing Company (I drank more beer that year than I should), countless T-shirts and books for Review,  last year I even won $1500 from the guys at Domain Superstar.  I haven’t made that much money from blogging but the swag……’s been fantastic.

I take a lot of heat for some of my thoughts but when you have an opinion you’re going usually find someone with the opposite opinion.  At the same time, I meet a ton of people that share my thoughts or enjoy my “style” and we continue the coversation through emails and phone calls.  One guy I met recently, and got to talking to, was Paul Kiesling.  It turned out that Paul started and naturally I picked his brain about everything from development to drop shipping the meat.  I always love talking to people that start companies with their domains.  Anyone can park or put up a quick site but it takes real business planning to pull off a product fulfillment business, especially perishable meat.

Paul was nice enough to send me 4 filets and although I never expect anyone to give me free stuff, I certainly appreciate it.  Giving me free things doesn’t mean I’m going to do write a nice article but it sure leads you in the right direction.  But I do have to say this, and this is why I’m writing this post.  It was the best filet mignon I’ve ever had, and I’ve eaten a lot. I even had to freeze it because I was so busy, so it stayed in my freezer for 4 weeks and was still fantastic.  I butcher my own beef and eat the freshest filet you can find and this was even better. My wife is the cook and even said that she couldn’t believe how good it was.  I truly was expecting to bad to average meat.  I mean really, when you think of good cuts of meat, do you really thing of mail order?  Again, this is not a paid post, this is a post about a generous gift that was sent to me that turned out to be the best gift I’ve received this year.  Even better than the Fleshlight that was sent to me at my old blog.  Try explaining that swag to your wife.

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  1. Funny how I came across your post today. I was thinking why am I spending so much time writing my blog. It’s not like I’m a teenager or a 20 something with a lot of time to waste. It’s unlikely that I’ll get a lot of readers, but it is quite inspiring putting my thoughts down in words and hoping that one day years from now I can read some of these posts to understand my mindset at this present time.

    I also hope I can help some of the web newbies like myself. I hope some of my nieces and nephews will find my blog useful to make some money on line if they choose to. Blogging is truly an enjoyable hobby for me. But to be totally honest, I would not have spent the time if the allure of monetary rewards did not exist. I love capitalism…and thanks to internet for making it easy (at least as an experiment).

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